5 Fun Ways to Exercise With Your Dog

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exercise with your dog

There are a bunch of fun exercises to do with your dog if you’re wondering how to get into shape with your pet. Just like humans, obese dogs are at risk of suffering from heart problems, arthritis, and diabetes. Exercise with your dog to help you both stick to a fitness routine and follow healthier lifestyles.

If you’re thinking, “How can I exercise my dog at home?”, we’ve got you both covered in the sections below.

Exercises To Keep You And Your Dog Fit

Thinking about which exercises to do with your dog at home? We’re here to help with how to exercise with your dog, break a sweat, get lean, and remain consistent. By adopting a routine around the exercises below, you and your dog will be happier and healthier in the long term.


Wondering what is the most popular way to exercise your dog? No surprises here – running is a firm favorite that costs nothing and can be done just about anywhere.

Before you run with your dog, start off with brisk walking. The idea is to build momentum and realistically transition from beginner to expert. Instead of taking your car, walk the distance to the vet, grocery store, or neighborhood park with your dog. Pick up the pace every week and graduate to jogging. Keep track of your pooch by your side. If they start to lag behind, slow down.

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If your dog is on a leash, ensure that he’s beside you and jogging at the same pace. Go slow and easy with heavyset dogs. Warm up for 5 minutes, jog for 20 minutes, and cool down for 5 minutes.

Once your dog can keep up with jogging, increase your speed. Soon you’ll be running comfortably alongside your pooch.


Doga or dog yoga was popularized by Suzi Teitelman in 2001 and is a great way for owners to get fit with their pets. The important part of dog yoga is to first ease your pooch into comfortable poses. Forcing your dog to pose will only disrupt the energy between you and your pet.

Start by performing easy yoga poses that your dog can mimic. Pets tend to observe and copy their owner’s movements during yoga, so this is a great way to kickstart a routine.

There are easy positions that you can practice with your dog: chaturanga and the heart-to-hound mudra. The former position is performed by taking a push-up stance on the floor. Since your pet won’t be able to perform this, just have them lie on their stomach while you stroke their back. This will calm them and ease them into getting into doga-friendly poses.

The latter position requires you to place your left hand on your heart while sitting cross-legged on the floor. Place your right hand on your pet’s heart and take deep, mindful breaths. Doing this exchanges soothing energy between you and your dog.

Doga can help calm hyperactive, restless dogs. Find out if you have a doga center in the vicinity or practice how to do this form of yoga from the comfort of your home.

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During summer, nothing beats a good swim with your canine companion! As a low-impact sport, swimming builds endurance and helps strengthen the heart, lungs, and several muscles.

A lot of dogs don’t like to swim and might not take to the water as willingly as others. Ease your dog into performing this fat-busting exercise by first encouraging them to get into the water.

Dogs cannot naturally swim, so place a life vest on your pet before getting into the pool. Gently coax them to enter the water by handing out your dog’s favorite chew toy or treat.

Your dog may either remain in the pool or jump out. Forcing him to stay in the pool will only scare or agitate your pooch. Be patient and let your dog find his way to you in the water. Another great way to encourage time in the water is to get a trainer who can teach your dog how to swim.


A dog cannot perform a lunge but you can surely benefit from this exercise. Carry your dog on your shoulders and do a few reps. Lunges will target your glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. This exercise can also strengthen your core, help you balance correctly, and improve flexibility.

Performing lunges at home will allow you to spend quality time with your dog. Once you complete a few sets, switch to jogging or running outdoors to get moving with your dog.


Dogs cannot do push-ups like humans. Get your dog to mount your back to add a challenging twist. If you have a bad back, avoid performing this.

Small dog breeds such as pugs or Pomeranians can provide the right amount of weight to help you strengthen your arms, shoulders, and core. It may not be a physical activity for your dog, but it’s a great way to bond with him as you work those chest and shoulder muscles!

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Benefits of Exercising With Your Dog

The benefits of exercise for dogs are plentiful for humans – from emotional bonding to energy and metabolism, it can have a great positive effect on our lives. Take a look at how one’s health and life can significantly improve when you get active with your pooch.

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Helps You Bond With Your Pet

Exercising is a great way to bond with your pet during the day. Dogs crave love and attention, so what better way to strengthen your bond than through exercise?

Helps You Stay Motivated

Eating clean and exercising will reveal results that will motivate you to continue. You’ll love how light, energetic, and calm you feel with every passing week.

Helps You Get Moving

Being sedentary is a dangerous habit. Making your pet your exercise companion is a great way to get you off your behind.

Helps Build Self-Confidence

As the excess weight starts to shed, you’ll feel more confident about your body and how you carry yourself.

A Great Form Of Self-Care

When you prioritize your body’s needs you’re also setting a great example for others. Exercising can encourage them to follow in your footsteps.

Elevates Your Mood

When the majority of your day is spent working or running chores, exercising can help you spend uplifting downtime with your pooch.

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Final Thoughts

While there are some extremely healthy dog breeds out there, others need extra help to get their health on track. Get into shape by indulging in these fun ways to exercise with your dog and you’ll be thrilled with the outcome!

With time, you’ll be glad you decided to ace your fitness goals with your pooch, and he’ll be much happier too!

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