Top 10 Best Juices For Health and Fitness

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Best Juices For Health and Fitness

In today’s world recovering from the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, healthcare and wellbeing is a priority for everyone now. There’s been a sharp rise in awareness of our mental health and physical goodness. And therefore, we are doing our best to shift from an unhealthy lifestyle through small but significant steps. Nutrition is a huge part of staying healthy, we can use some of these best juices for health and fitness to add vitamins and minerals to our daily routine. Just be careful not to overdo it due to all of the sugars typically found in fruit and veggie juices.

Activities like yoga and meditation, attending gym classes for exercising and working out, participating in escape room breakout for overall physical and mental development, enrolling in personality development sessions, eating healthy and nutritious meals, etc., are trending everywhere due to the necessity for good health and wellbeing. 

Recently, there’s also been a rise in eating colorful and nutritious fruits and vegetables because they have fewer calories. Their high antioxidant levels and immunity-boosting elements are beneficial for keeping us protected from viral and bacterial attacks that cause several diseases and lower our productivity. 

And slowly, the concept of “juicing” became widely popular in this direction. It refers to when someone consumes juices of wholesome vegetables and fruits instead of regular meals. You can include many ingredients that you like or keep it restricted to 2 or 3-of them in your juice. These drinks are not only delicious but rich in vitamins and minerals and do wonders for your body. They are easy to prepare, fill your stomach, and keep your body cool by maintaining its water level. 

An ideal choice for weight loss and good bowel movement, you can enjoy these different flavored liquids at home with minimal ingredients. You can even prepare them in bulk and store them in jars for consumption throughout the day.

Here’s the list of 10-such best juices for health and fitness to help you grow and stay fit.

1. Carrot juice 

carrot juice

Carrots have plenty of fibers, and they are low in calories. The best way to consume carrots is in raw form, and hence carrot juice is the best option for a healthy and delicious drink. It also acts as a detox beverage that keeps you full for a long time and prevents unwanted snack cravings. And since carrots are rich in vitamin A, their juice is perfect for improving your eyesight and preventing vitamin deficiency diseases in the long run.  

2. Watermelon juice 

watermelon juice

It’s hard not to love the ultimate summer fruit watermelons. Their sweet and pulpy taste helps make it one of the best-tasting juices. Rich in vitamins A, and C, you will get plenty of nutritional benefits from just a glass of homemade watermelon juice. 

They help keep you dehydrated throughout the day in summers and also prevent you from getting a heat stroke. And this red and tasty drink also keeps your heart’s condition excellent and blood pressure under control.  

3. Kale and green cabbage juice 

Say goodbye to indigestion and bloating in your stomach. The kale and green cabbage juice is a powerhouse of nutritional benefits and helps you eliminate your body waste without any hassle. Low in calories and rich in fiber, it is a refreshing drink that keeps you full and satisfied and maintains the salt and water levels in your blood and body.  

Kale and green cabbage juice 

Perfect for the summer break, you can enjoy rounds of this wholesome drink anytime and not worry about unwanted snack cravings in between your meals. 

4. Orange juice 

One of the most popular and healthiest juices, there are many benefits attached to orange juice. It is rich in vitamin C that helps keep your gums and teeth strong, and boosts immunity strength inside your body. 

orange juice

Easy to make, it is also a delectable drink snack that you can indulge in anytime. But remember to consume it immediately after preparing, or it can go bitter if left for a long time.  

5. Pomegranate juice 

pomegranate juice

Pomegranates are nutritious fruits that have plenty of minerals in them. Rich in vitamins C, E, and K, they are beneficial for the working of our immune system as they help maintain the iron and hemoglobin levels in our blood. They are naturally sweet and make a good substitute for preparing delicious cool drinks during summer. While pomegranate juice and drinks are available in the market in many forms, nothing beats the fresh version made at home.  

6. Pineapple juice 

pineapple juice

Pineapples are a rich source of various macro and micro vitamins and minerals that help build your immune system. They are low in calories and keep your gut and digestive system in good condition. Pineapple juice is an excellent choice to have when you want to indulge in something tangy and fresh. You can also rely on this fruity drink to keep you hydrated and your salt levels balanced on hectic and rough day schedules when you’ve no time to catch up on a wholesome meal.  

7. Lemon and mint juice  

lemon and mint juice

Lemon and mint juice have always been a childhood favorite and nostalgic drink for us. Its tasty flavor and sharp and tangy taste keep you hydrated and satisfied for hours. The vitamin C-rich lemon is known to help you shed some calories, kill the bad breath causing germs, and smoothen your digestive system. And the fresh addition of the healthy green mint further makes this juice the best summer beverage you can drown in anytime.

8. Beetroot juice   

Beets come packed in various naturally nutritional properties that can work wonders for your body. Beetroot juice slows the emptying process of your stomach and keeps you feeling full for a long time. Abundant with fibers and nitrates, this drink is low in calories and helps reduce your blood pressure and increase muscle efficiency. 

An ideal drink to go in between meals, you can enjoy a perfect glass of the tasty beet juice to maintain body weight and control the junk food cravings.  

beetroot juice

9. Cranberry juice 

Did you know that cranberries are a popular superfood as they have several antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties? Well, that’s right. And that is why they offer you plenty of health benefits and keep your immune and digestive systems well-functioning. Cranberry juice is a nourishing drink with a refreshing taste and excellent nutritional benefits. 

Easy to prepare at home, you can enjoy a satisfying round of this deliciously sweet and sour drink using fresh or frozen cranberries.  

cranberry juice

10. Grape and apple juice 

Grapes and apples are the perfect combos for juice during the hot Spring break. They complement and balance each other’s flavors in the drink by giving it a naturally sweet and sour taste. Grapes are rich in antioxidants and help prevent diabetes and hair fall. 

And apples have abundant minerals and vitamins that protect your body against various diseases and make your skin healthy. Easy to prepare, you can enjoy the delicious taste of the two fruits in every drop of the juice. 

grape and apple juice

Final Thoughts

This list of 10 best juices for health and fitness are great alternatives for people who don’t enjoy eating fruits and vegetables. These homemade liquids are delicious and perfect for enjoying at any time of the day, especially when you crave some junk food or are desperate for snack ideas. Their high-nutritional values will help you stay fit and healthy in simple ways in your hectic schedule when you don’t have time to eat a balanced diet. And you can further experiment with your choices and taste by picking other ingredients to make your version of the best juice.

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