Only 6 More Days Until Christmas!

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6 More Days Until Christmas

There are only 6 more days until Christmas and boy are we excited to dip into the egg nog!

Have you kept your fitness and nutrition in check this holiday season? Have you been able to stay slim this holiday or at least maintain your current progress?

Relax a Little

Hopefully, you have, so you can let your guard down a bit during Christmas or your main celebration day of choice. There’s no need to be a pig and eat ALL the fudge and cookies, but there’s also no need to avoid all desserts and gravies like the plague. (Have you finished all of your shopping and most of your wrapping?)

Are You Competing This Week?

Unless you have a physical or aesthetic competition of some sort the next day, there’s no need to go hardcore on Christmas day. You’ll just end up feeling resentful for being super strict with your food intake as you enjoy the holidays with family and friends. A strong drink, a few pieces of pie, a handful of appetizers, and a big scoop of stuffing with gravy is NOT going to set you back in your fitness goals if you’ve been behaving most of the year.

Relaxation and Motivation

Enjoy yourself this holiday season. Relax a bit, skip a workout or two, eat some dessert, and be merry! If you’ve got your New Year goals set, one week of damage control in January will put you fully back on your feet. The break will help your body recover from training and will help your mind recover from strict eating. This will lead to renewed motivation when you hit it again after the holidays.

Final Thoughts

There are only 6 more days until Christmas so eat some protein, do some burpees, and set a PR on deadlifts early this week, so you can take a few days off to celebrate. In the meantime here are 5 healthy eating tips from the CDC to stay on track when it’s not quite Christmas yet.

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