6 New and Effective Ways To Clean Your Gut

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Did you know that your general well being typically depends on your digestive health? Various researches indicate that having a healthy digestive system makes you happy, healthy and active. Like many parts of the body, the system composes various parts that function through coordination. One of such vital part is the colon or the large intestines as popularly known.

While there are various contradicting views about colon cleansing, experts assert that it’s safe and is likely to boost the effectiveness of this important organ. So if you have been holding yourself back from indulging in colon detoxification, it’s now time to reconsider your decision and join the crowd towards this significant step. Remember to include some of these new and effective gut cleansing ways in your to-do-list.

The Saltwater Flush

Remember the old-school way of quickly getting rid of constipation through drinking a little salt mixed with water? Well, it seems like it does work. According to research conducted by health experts in 2010, drinking salt water and combining it with Yoga, can actually enhance colon cleansing. The proper regime should include two tablespoons of salt in a glass of lukewarm water\, first thing in the morning and in the evening. For better results, use sea or Himalayan salt. It gives you an urge to use the toilet, so ensure you’re near one to avoid embarrassing yourself.

Use Juices And Smoothies

Juices and smoothies are not only excellent for your general health but also very good and famous colon cleansers. For effectiveness purposes, however, ensure you follow a tight juice fast schedule that includes a mixture of fruits and vegetables. This seems like a double win for you as your body will also benefit from the fiber and of course nutrients. In 2015, a medical research revealed that there is more to what vitamin C can offer the body than we initially thought. It can also help in colon cleansing! Some of the famous fruit/smoothie fasts include apple and lemon juices mixed with vegetables.

You might, however, want to consume more smoothies as opposed to juices as they contain a lot of fiber, which as we have earlier on mentioned, is very important in accomplishing digestive health. Also, if you aren’t into fasts, you can instead opt to drink more natural juices/smoothies as part of your daily diet.

Feed on More Resistant Starches

Don’t let the name confuse you. Resistant starches are easily accessible and in foods that we use every day. Most plant foods contain these types of starches and they include; all sorts of whole plant grains, legumes, the green bananas, and sweet and Irish potatoes. They function by boosting the effective functionality of the large intestines through triggering gut microflora. And the fiber in them helps in colon cleansing.

Resistant starches are also well known for helping in reducing the risks of colon cancer. However, remember they’re also carbohydrates so it’s advisable to choose those ones with low sugar levels.

Don’t Ignore Foods Rich In Probiotics

Probiotics enhance general body well-being in several ways. Therefore, adding them to your daily diet regime can significantly help in cleansing the gut. There are various ways in which you can feed your body with probiotics. One of them is through supplements and the other one is through feeding on foods rich in these useful components. Some of the foods include yogurts, pickles, and other fermented food options such as porridge and sour milk. And if you want to learn more about the use of supplements, you will be glad to know that Microbe Formulas teaches a protocol for gut cleanse detox.

The main essence of these probiotic-rich foods is to introduce a specific type of good bacteria into the colon, which helps in the digestion of fiber and starches. Therefore, they don’t get to stay in the colon for long avoiding unnecessary inflammations. Also, if you love using vinegar in your diet, it’s time to consider getting the apple cider one as it’s medically classified as part of the probiotics family. It helps to suppress the formation of bad bacteria in your gut, therefore boost its functionality and help in the cleansing process.

The Use Of Herbal Tea

Herbal tea might be a popular part of the weight loss diet arrangement, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beneficial in other ways. In fact, medics advise that if you regularly use herbal teas, you’re less likely to suffer from digestive related issues. Some herbs such as the likes of Aloe Vera, the slippery elm and psyllium are well known for their benefits in easing constipation.

Nonetheless, ensure that you aren’t on any form of medication while using these herbs as some of them can cause adverse reactions. You can ask your doctor if it’s safe to take them. Also, use them in small portions; you don’t have to overdo it to enjoy the benefits. There are also some herbs such as garlic, ginger, and pepper that help in restraining the formation of bad bacteria. So you can include them in your gut cleansing juices.

Choose Your Drinks Wisely

It’s often said that ” a little alcohol isn’t bad for your health”. While the statement might be true, the problem comes in controlling the intake. Most individuals find themselves in the middle of addictions, which have diverse effects on the digestive system. Therefore, instead of reaching out for a bottle of cold beer from the fridge every time you’re thirsty, why not try the same with water? There must be a reason as to why ” water is life” right?

Actually, making a deliberate attempt to drink lots of water on a daily basis helps to regulate the process of digestion. In other terms, this is referred to Water Flush. If you want this to work for you as a cleansing procedure, ensure you drink at least 6 glasses of lukewarm water in a day.

Another way is by incorporating foods with a high percentage of water in your diet. This includes fruits such as watermelon, lettuce, etc.

You now have a fair idea of what colon cleansing is all about and the variety of ways you can achieve it. Remember, most good decisions don’t come easy, so don’t let yourself get stuck in your insecurities. Deliberate to cleanse your gut with the kinds of food you eat. The good thing is that you got several options, so there shouldn’t be any room for excuses.

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