Top 5 Benefits of Massage for Weightlifters

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Weight lifting is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the world. Millions of people hit the gym every day to work out in the weight room and strive to achieve their own ideal physique. Rigorous weight lifting results in a lot of stress on muscle fibers – in fact, this is exactly how resistance training works!

When the routine is right, the results are usually impressive. Sometimes the rigors of training can cause lasting tears in muscle tissue. The damage done to muscles in the process can be a serious problem for some. It is highly recommended that weight lifters make regular appointments for massage therapy.

What Are My Massage Options?

Good deep tissue massage can really break up scar tissue that could be hindering your progress at the gym or causing you unnecessary injury. One great example of deep tissue massage is called Active Release Technique (ART), which can release adhesions that are holding up your progress.

Gentle therapeutic massage can also be of great benefit to relax tight muscles without the vigorous techniques used in deep tissue massage. Therapeutic massage can also help us to reach a zen-like state, sometimes meditative, where our stress canĀ disappear and we can reconnect with our body.

Sometimes we can benefit from therapeutic massage at home too. Check out this list of the best handheld massagers of 2017 for reviews of some devices that you or a partner could use at home, to help relieve the physical damage that could be holding up your progress.

What Are the Benefits of Massage?

Anyone with tightness or stiffness will improve their lifestyle by adding regular use of massage therapy to their lifestyle. Any athlete can enjoy these varied benefits after just a single massage session.

  1. Instant Relaxation

    Weight lifters have a tendency to become very tense, especially after periods of heavy lifting and intense workouts. Finding time to relax is often difficult, and this can lead to both physical and psychological difficulties. Therapeutic massage is a great way to promote relaxation and get instant relief from the tension and stress that comes from an intense work out routine. Weight lifters who take time to receive regular massages are healthier and more in balance, and benefit from an instant feeling of relaxation.

  2. Remove Toxins From Muscles

    An intense work out regimen like those followed by most serious weight lifters builds muscle very quickly, but that fast muscle growth comes at a price. The high intensity workouts needed for building muscles can lead to a build-up of lactic acid and other toxins in the muscle tissue which can lead to aches, tightness, and a number of other problems. Massage will increase the flow of nutrients to the muscles, clearing out toxins and making every inch of muscle tissue healthier and stronger.

  3. Speed Up Recovery Time

    No weight lifter on a well thought-out exercise routine works out seven days a week. Muscles need time to recover between workouts, after being heavily worked and broken down during heavy lifting sessions. A recovery day between heavy workouts is natural and recommended, but many lifters may feel not fully recovered even after two days or more. Massage increases blood circulation and releases endorphins, helping the body deal with the pain of heavy lifting and recover more quickly.

  4. Increase Flexibility

    The importance of flexibility for weight lifters has been acknowledged by professionals for years, but many lifters still neglect to keep themselves flexible in spite of overwhelming medical evidence. Staying flexible reduces the possibility of injury while working out, relieves tension, and gives a better range of motion for all muscles. Regular massage keeps the muscles flexible by providing relief from the tightness that comes after a heavy workout. All weight lifters should make sure their muscles are healing stronger, more defined, and more flexible after every work out session.

  5. Heal Muscle Injuries

    It is not uncommon for weight lifters to sustain muscle injuries, either from working out or from other physical trauma. These sports injuries often go untreated for years, and can seriously hamper a lifter’s progress. When it comes to massage therapy, almost every city in the world has a healthy massage therapy industry. Every lifter should see a qualified masseuse regularly to enjoy all of these benefits and build their bodies to be as healthy and strong as can be.

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