Gaining a Better Understanding of Obesity

The Obesity Epidemic

Weight Loss TipsOne of the biggest problems in our society today is obesity. This is caused due to a variety of different problems, and this is also leading to a number of different treatment options. As such, finding the best weight loss Westchester NY has to offer depends on a variety of factors. Either way, we must accept that obesity is a true epidemic and that it requires more than a quick fad diet in order to be resolved. Not only must we come up with ways to help the people who are obese, we must also make sure that we prevent further people from becoming obese.

We know that obesity is dangerous. We know that it is a huge health risk. Yet we still don’t seem to truly understand what it all means.

When Does Obesity Happen?

Obesity can happen at any point during your life. It can, sometimes, escalate very quickly, and take on truly dramatic proportions. This is known as ‘malignant obesity’. Malignant obesity usually occurs after the early 20’s when we have stopped growing up, get too ‘busy’ to exercise, and when we still aren’t paying attention to what we’re putting in our bodies.

Obesity happens when people carry too much fat deposits in their body. Normally, a man is supposed to carry between 15% and 20% of fat, and a woman carries between 20% and 25%. However, in the obese, these rates are often as high as 40%. With malignant obesity, the rate is as high as 70%. How fat is distributed depends on genes and gender. Age is also important, as secondary sex characteristics develop during puberty.

Obesity Causes

Two things make people obese: eating too much and not moving enough. However, a number of other factors do also have an impact. This includes genes, medication and psychology. Another important factor is the fact that we seem to fail to understand that obesity is actually a disease. We went through a period of extreme scarcity during and after WWII, and now we are going through a period of extreme abundance.

We are also fighting a losing battle. Food labels are confusing and often not entirely honest. We live lifestyles that leave us with no time to cook and prepare healthy foods. And we are bombarded with advertisements telling us to eat fast food and junk food.

Treating Obesity

Treating obesity is about lowering weight and keeping it low. Depending on your starting weight, this can be achieved in different ways. Simple diet programs generally no longer work when you are truly overweight or even obese. Rather a full nutritional plan needs to be created. Weight loss surgery may also be required, which offers more of a quick fix, although it equally requires a lifetime commitment to making real changes to your diet and exercise.

To start treating obesity today, get on a moderate resistance training routine like these:

full body workout for men

full body workout for women

Then add some additional conditioning training to your life. Try short HIIT workouts 2-3 times per week.

And finally, be sure to adopt healthy eating habits that you can maintain for life.

Public education is vital as well. We are killing not just ourselves, but also the next generation. As our children become increasingly obese, they are starting to die younger as well. For the first time in the history of mankind, this generation will not live as long as the previous generation.

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