How To Make Protein Ice Cream In 3 Easy Steps

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how to make protein ice create

Protein ice creams are produced with all-natural ingredients and are usually 100% vegan. They taste as good as any other sugar-loaded ice cream but are way healthier. The best part about protein ice cream is that it can be served at lunch, dinner, or even breakfast, as it is light, fluffy, and nutritious.

Protein is uncountably the main component of every cell in our body. It doesn’t only help in repairing and building tissue muscles but also makes our hair and nails shiny and long. All body chemicals and enzymes need protein to function properly. Hence, people on a diet often take a high-protein diet to fulfill their body requirements.

Let’s look at how easy it is to make protein ice cream with a few ingredients in just a few simple steps. 

Why Indulge in Protein Ice Cream

Experienced athletes have to admit while on a diet or committed to a training program, we all miss the dessert portions from our meals. This is where protein ice cream comes into play to bless our taste buds and cravings. Feel free to make some substitutions along the way based on taste and nutrition, but know these recipes are already amazing, super healthy, and high in protein as published.

Base Ingredients

Various fruits and protein powders can be added to this ice cream base. However, frozen bananas have proved to be the most popular base. So, we’ll start with that. 

For the base, you will need

Frozen Bananas

You can use store-bought frozen bananas, but it is better to peel fresh bananas, cut them up into slices and store them in a freezer. They last longer and are free of preservatives. 

Unsweetened Milk

Any dairy-free milk of your choice can be added to this recipe. Almond and oatmeal milk has proven to give the best results. However, you can use any non-dairy milk available as long as it is free of sugar and chilled to perfection. 

Once you have gathered the ingredients for your ice cream base, it is time to add the flavoring ingredients. We all love chocolate, and having chocolate ice cream that is still healthy is like a blessing for people on a diet. 

Ingredients Needed For Chocolate Protein Ice Cream

Peanut Butter

Any nut butter with two or more ingredients is the perfect fit here. Make sure to read the ingredients label to check that it is low in calories. A good substitute for peanut butter can be almond butter or sunflower butter. 

Chocolate Protein Ice Cream

Protein Powder

The best protein powder to prepare chocolate protein ice cream will be anything chocolate-flavored (chocolate fudge, milk chocolate, rocky road, chocolate brownie, etc). This is the most important ingredient, as it adds the most flavor to your ice cream. You can also use plant-based protein powders for extra goodness if you are vegan. 

Cocoa Powder

If you like extra chocolatey ice cream, you can add cocoa powder, but this step is optional. A spoon or two of cocoa powder would not add extra calories but enhance the chocolate flavor. 

Chocolate Chips

There’s no good chocolate ice cream without chocolate chips. However, while choosing your chocolate chips, you must be extra careful. The chips should be dairy-free and low-calorie. However, they can be sweetened as this would be the only sweet component going inside the ice cream. Chocolate chips will add an extra crunch to the protein ice cream. So, don’t skip this ingredient.

Ingredients Needed For Vanilla Protein Ice Cream

Not everyone is a big fan of chocolate-flavored ice cream. Some prefer basic vanilla flavor over chocolate or any other. You can make vanilla protein ice cream with the above base recipe (frozen bananas and milk). Here is what you’ll need:

Vanilla Protein Powder

Vanilla Protein Ice Cream

Any low-cal protein powder can add vanilla flavor and energy to the ice cream.

Vanilla Extract

This ingredient is just to add the perfect vanilla taste and fragrance. You can also use vanilla bean paste.


Cinnamon goes great in vanilla ice creams. It makes it super delicious and doesn’t add up calories.

How To Make Protein Ice Cream

The creation process will only require three simple steps for whichever flavor you decide to make. 

Step 1: Prepare The Base

Firstly add the base ingredients; milk and frozen banana in a blender and blend on high speed until it’s frothy. The consistency of the base should be super thick. Hence, add milk accordingly.

Step 2: Add The Flavors

The next step is to add your flavoring ingredients; vanilla or chocolate. You can add them all at once and blend on medium speed until all the ingredients are completely mixed. Stop the blender before the ice cream loses its thickness. 

Step 3: Garnish And Eat

Pour the creamy thick ice cream into a container, garnish it with chocolate chips or cinnamon and dig in!

How To Serve

Protein ice creams can be served as soft serve or frozen, according to personal preference. Soft serves are eaten right after making them while they are still fresh and soft. However, if you like extra frozen ice cream, you can store it in the freezer for as long as you want for a frozen scoop. 

Benefits Of Consuming Protein Ice Creams

Pre Workout Snack

Protein-rich ice creams are low cal and fat-free. The only form of sugar (if any) is Stevia which is perfect for people in training. These protein ice creams can be a great energy source before a workout. The low carbohydrate content also enables fat burning in the body.  

Perfect Daily Meal

Each scoop of protein ice cream contains around 4 to 6 grams of protein content. This nutritional value is perfect for fulfilling the daily protein intake. The ice cream will help keep you full, strengthen the immune system and cure the fatigue caused by your workouts. 

Organic Ingredients

All the ingredients used in making keto or protein ice creams are organic and natural, for instance, bananas, almond milk, cinnamon, etc. These have numerous health benefits and are a great source of energy. 


Protein ice creams are super easy to make and are a great nutritious alternative to sugar-rich desserts. They are healthier and can be prepared at home with just a few ingredients. The ice cream tastes as good as any other cold dessert with low sugar and fat. Get a scoop and enjoy!

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Michael Currie is a personal trainer and online fitness and weight loss coach from Vancouver British Columbia in Canada. He has been training for over 10 years and has gone through it all – weight gain, weight loss, building muscle, and injuries. You can find Michael online at The Fitness Report.

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