The Top 7 Reasons Everyone Should Bike to Work

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Today, the biking infrastructure has tremendously improved in most cities across the globe. However, most people still don’t bike to work despite these improvements. If you are among them, you will be surprised to know what you are missing out by not riding to work. Cycling to work can have splendid benefits, from helping you keep fit, achieve your weight loss goals to helping conserve the environment. 

While the benefits of biking to work are endless, here is an exclusive look at the top 7 reasons why everyone should bike to work.

Increased Fitness

Biking to work has a positive impact when it comes to your body fitness. Biking helps in improving your aerobic fitness, cardiovascular health, building muscles, boosting energy, lowering blood pressure, and enhancing the general body coordination. 

More so, cycling is a useful exercise for people who want to lose weight or burn some extra calories. Although the number of calories burned varies in different individuals according to their speed, intensity, or topography, average biking burns as many calories as jogging with lesser adverse effects on the joints. 

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Saves Money

Biking to work is one of the most economical ways that will save you lots of money. Let’s do some simple calculations. Driving to work requires you to spend money on gasoline, motor oil while not forgetting additional expenses such as vehicle maintenance, insurance, high parking cost, and regular repairs. Alternatively, you only need to purchase a bike and start commuting to work without additional expenses except for occasional maintenance, which is nothing compared to vehicle maintenance. This means that biking to work will save you lots of money that you can otherwise use in other projects.

Boosts Brainpower

Engaging in moderate daily exercise is effective in preventing cognitive decline, and sharpening your memory which helps in boosting your overall brain performance. As you bike to work, your brain requires to keep alert on the terrain for sudden changes, which helps in perfecting your concentration ability. This means that biking to work will, on the very least, increase your brainpower and make you even smarter at your job.  

Biking is Fun

Simple and plain, biking to work is a fun activity. Most people look back at their childhood memories of cycling around their home and wish they could still do so amid all the current busy working life. Cycling to work enables you to integrate the fun feeling into your daily grind easily. As you ride to work, you will be able to watch and explore the beautiful nature, listen to the morning birds, and wave to other bikers that you will even wish the commute was longer for you to continue having the fun.


There is one common misconception that cycling to work is inconvenient. This is obviously not true. As compared to using a vehicle to commute in which you will spend more than ten minutes looking for parking, it’s very easy to find a pole for your bike and lock it up. You also don’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic jams or being susceptible to the usual transit delays of public transportation.

This means that biking to work is more convenient than driving, particularly in most urban commutes. With more working places, including bike parking, showers, and other related facilities, things are becoming more convenient for employers who prefer biking to work.  

More Happiness

Other than making you fit and healthier, riding to work also makes you happier. Imagine riding to work with no one to annoy you, no traffic growls, it’s just you and the terrain ahead. Biking to work transforms your daily commute into a form of therapy that leaves you happier. Also, as a form of exercise, cycling outdoors as you commute to work helps to relieve stress, boost your self-esteem, and enhance your overall mood with the added benefit of getting in some extra cardio.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Mass vehicle transit is one of the main environmental havoc in terms of releasing harmful gases into the air. Why should you contribute to polluting the already polluted environment instead of preventing pollution? Cycling is one of the ways of going to work that does not pollute the environment. By biking to work, you will get around efficiently while supporting the wellbeing of the environment around you. 


These are some of the top reasons why everyone should consider biking to work. It offers you a great way to begin the day and an even better way to end it after a busy day. Biking to work provides you a great escape from feeling frustrated in a traffic jam while helping your body to keep fit.

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