7 Tips to Lose Fat and Look Great

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Despite being stuck at home in 2020 and 2021 with, presumably, plenty more free time than usual, most of us are still struggling to lose or keep off those dreaded Pandemic 15. While it will take some time to put these tips into effect if you’ve fallen off the horse, getting started today is the best way to try to create new habits.

Lose fat, and look and feel better with these great tips.

1. Switch to a High Protein Diet

One of the more common misconceptions surrounding a high protein diet is that only bodybuilders and strongmen should have it but you should know that a high protein diet is extremely beneficial for an individual who wants to tone up his/her body. There has been extensive research on the subject and University of South Australia researchers have found that a diet rich in protein leads to more body fat loss as compared to the standard diets that have a regular amount of protein and lower carbohydrates.

This research also found that a diet rich in protein can help in increasing lean body mass retention which means that the loss of weight was due to a significant decrease in fat tissue. In order to ensure a protein-rich diet, it is recommended to consume 1.6 g of protein per kilogram of body weight each day and this protein should be sourced from a variety of different sources.

2. Focus on Strength Training

Strength training allows you to kill 2 birds with one stone. You will not only lose fat but also gain muscle simultaneously. Don’t think of it as a pseudoscience as this theory has great merit. Strength training will help in increasing your metabolism for a period of up to 38 hours once you leave the gym. In simple terms, it means that your body will keep burning calories even when you’re not working out. Strength training with high reps has also proven to be much more effective for fat loss as compared to cardio. In case, you are wondering about choosing an exercise regimen for losing fat, strength training is the way to go.

3. Keep Doing Cardio

Have you noticed a sudden increase in the group fitness gyms? This is due to the reason that cardio is one of the most effective ways to bring down the body fat percentage. Cardio offers a variety of benefits for your overall health and especially your waistline. It could be anything such as cycling, yoga, high-intensity interval training, or running. Even though cardio is effective but it does not mean that you can expect to have good results with a bad diet. Don’t add more food to your routine only because you are engaging in some physical activity. Focus on the calories you should ideally be eating each day and use this number along with cardio to help with fat loss.

4. Sleep Better

In order to reduce your waistline, you need to sleep better. It might seem that there is no connection between sleep duration or sleep quality and body mass but a 2006 study has found that people who slept at least 6 to 8 hours each day were 100% more likely to achieve their weight loss goals as compared to people who slept less. One of the reasons for sleep issues these days is blue light. All electronic devices including your phone emit blue light and this light interferes with the sleep hormones in your body which disrupt the normal sleep cycle. This is why experts recommend keeping your phone away for at least an hour before going to bed. If you want to use your phone, remember to wear blue light glasses during nighttime.

5. Research Your Drinks

Nobody is asking you to give up on alcohol but you need to be more conscious about the things you put in your body. Many people do not realize that their favorite flavored drinks are full of calories and contain a lot of sugar. These are empty calories as they do not provide any kind of nutritional benefit to your body but do add calories. Energy drinks, flavored milk, and soft drinks are the biggest offenders. If you like them, have some occasionally but your priority should be healthy drinks as well as water.

6. Include Healthy Fats in Your Diet

Not many people know that including good fats in your diet can help you get rid of fat in your body. If you want to achieve weight loss in a month this is something to bear in mind.  In recent times, fats have been given a very bad reputation, but fat is needed for weight loss and as a part of a healthy diet. Healthy fats such as Omega 3s and 6s as well as polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats are good fats as these are great for your cholesterol, waistline, and heart. Healthy fat sources include olive oil, eggs, nuts, fish, and avocado.

7. Ensure Fiber in Your Diet

Not many people pay attention to fiber for fat loss but research has shown the effectiveness of soluble fiber for those looking to tone up their body. Soluble fiber helps in keeping your gut biome healthy and helps with fat loss as it acts as an appetite suppressant. Also, a recently released clinical study in the US has shown that increasing fiber intake has a positive effect on fat loss which isn’t less than any other complex dietary change you make.

Your goal should be to have at least 30 g of fiber each day. Some of the best sources of soluble fiber are vegetables, nuts, fruit, rice, and whole-grain bread.

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