10 Things to Avoid If You Want to Build Rock Solid Muscles Fast

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10 Things to Avoid If You Want to Build Rock Solid Muscles Fast

Here is a guest post that a personal trainer once wrote for me. The writing style sounds suspiciously international in origin, but the points he makes are true.

Many fitness and bodybuilding magazines come up with different tips to help you with bodybuilding. You can find abundant of tips to help you in bodybuilding. However, you also need to know some things that you need to avoid for building those rock solid muscles quickly.

Here is a list of 10 tips that you must avoid while engaging in muscle building and bodybuilding:

  1. You must not burn too many calories outside the gym.

    If you indulge yourself in sports like basketball on a daily basis, there are chances of losing too much calories. You must also avoid visiting bars too often.

    As you are already burning enough calories in the gym, there is no need to indulge in any physical activities outside the gym. In fact, losing too much calories on a regular basis is not good for your body also.

  2. You must not be dehydrated.

    Water is one of the prime requisite that people neglect the most. Deficiency of water in your body can lead to dehydration, which may even lead to increase in the collection of fats in your body. It can also cause stress to your brain, which may again lead to some serious health disorder.

    An individual must drink about 0.6 ounces of water for each pound of your body weight. Hence, you can calculate how much water you need to intake during a day.

  3. You must not rely on isolation exercises.

    All the exercises you perform in the gym are capable of helping you build muscles. However, some exercises will help you build muscles faster as compared to others. Thus, there is no point in exerting too much.

    You can build a good physique by opting for dips, dead lifts, chins and squats instead of pulley exercises.

  4. You must not pull all-nighters.

    Sleep plays an important role in muscle building. Sleep deprived people will have a low growth hormone and androgen levels. This will affect your body building capability hugely. Such people will not be able to grow muscles to the full potential.

  5. You must not skip your post-workout shake.

    Mass gaining plays an important role in muscle building. To gain mass in a proper manner, it is a necessity to consume post-workout shakes regularly. If failed to do so, then you are depriving your body of mass gains. When you consume these shakes soon after a workout session, the effect will be doubled.

  6. You must not bulk up with junk food.

    The most common practice that most of the amateur body builders follow to get a pumped body and physique is to bulk up during the off-season and then losing the extra fats by exercising. This process is not a good way to build muscles and body, as it can lead to many health problems.

    Here are some reasons why you must not opt for this method to get a better body:

    • By indulging in overeating to bulk up, you will not be able to grow any extra muscles.
    • It also leads to development of insulin resistance, which will make it difficult to gain muscles in the future.
    • After gaining too much weight, it becomes difficult to get the lean look, as it is not easy to counter insulin resistance.
    • After gaining weight, there are chances of male hormone testosterone converting into female hormone estrogen that may cause many side effects to your body.
    • Also putting on a lot of weight will affect the production of a hormone called thyroid, which is very essential for losing unwanted fats from your body.
    • A lean body will be able to store the nutrients you intake in the form of food and other products in the muscles as compared to a body with too much fats.
    • The general conception that a calorie is always a calorie irrespective of the source from where you get it is wrong. For instance, calories obtained from sweet potatoes help to build muscles, whereas calories from a beer do not help in building muscles. The chances of death also increase after you put on weight, as you will be prone to many diseases.

  7. You must not use stimulants after exercising.

    It is better to keep away from stimulating drinks after workout, as it will help in increasing cortisol. You can have them before working out and use the extra force in your workouts.

  8. You must not try to max out every workout.

    You are going to have to accept that you can’t always keep the reps very low, as it will affect your body building process. By opting for medium reps, you can easily get lean and strong muscles. Alternate between 5 reps, 8-12 reps, and occasionally 15 reps.

  9. You must not rely too heavily on machines.

    As with isolation exercises, try to avoid overdosing on machine exercises. This is because over performance of these machine exercises is not very good for your body. In addition, the results when compared to the results you get from exercising on the chin-up bar or other such devices also differ.

  10. You must not consume too little protein.

    People opt for protein in many different forms while concentrating on bodybuilding. However, there is no point in it if you are not taking it in sufficient quantity. Protein when taken in the required amount will help in mass and muscle gain.

    Building muscle requires between .8-1 gram of protein per pound of goal bodyweight each day. Sometimes more when using strong bodybuilding supplements.

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  5. Great article Steve. Feelin’ like I could get certified as a PT just from the awesome volume of information on your blog.

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