All The Gear And No Idea? Gym Equipment You Actually Need

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Gym memberships aren’t for everyone, some people prefer to train at home by themselves. Having made that decision, it can be really difficult to decipher what equipment you actually need to achieve the goals you’ve set. Any good salesman is going to convince you that you need to set up an Olympic grade weightlifting gym in your garage. For most people, this is very unnecessary. Don’t get swindled into buying a bunch of gym equipment you don’t need. Sidestep the noise, and understand what gym equipment you actually need.


One of the most fundamental pieces of gym equipment is the simple bench. A bench is used in a number of the foundational strength building exercises and can double as a piece of cardio equipment as well. With a few options on the market, you can choose from the very simple flat bench or opt for a height adjustable bench for those incline and decline exercises. Don’t opt for the most expensive option on the market, it isn’t necessary. Head to the shops and try a few benches out. Look for comfort over anything else, as you’ll will be sitting and laying on that bench for many reps.


A good set of dumbbells is a must have for any home gym. Dumbbells are versatile and can be used across multiple different exercises, including in your cardio routine. If you aren’t sure what style of dumbbell to go for, let your home decide for you. With a lot of storage space, it is best to go for a set that you can weight up and down depending on the exercise. This style requires both the bar and weight discs. If storage is an issue for your home set up, then consider a molded or pre-defined dumbbell weight. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, the decision becomes about the space you have.

All in one

One of the best pieces of equipment any home gym can obtain is the power rack. A power rack is a large metal unit that is a multi-purpose piece of equipment designed almost as an all in one. Add a barbell to this piece of equipment to give you access to squats, deadlifts, bicep curls, rows and many more exercises. If you have the space, a power rack in your home gym can transform your results and make an instant difference.


When people think about gym equipment, the conversation can easily focus only on weights and other larger equipment. One piece of equipment that any home gym should have is resistance bands. Resistance bands can be used in many ways to target and build strength in different areas of the body. From side lying work to hit those glutes to burning bicep curls, resistance bands can be your best (or worst) friends. Offered at different resistance levels, these bands can mean any space in your home can become a workout zone.


An easily overlooked piece of equipment that should be in every gym is a roller. Used to help aid recovery and limit muscle soreness, a roller can help improve any workout. Rolled over the muscle groups, a roller can help blood flow and the movement of lactic acid in your muscles. Offered in a number of styles, material and at different price levels, a roller is a necessary piece of equipment for all gyms.

There are a lot of myths out there as to what equipment you actually need to achieve your workout goals. If you had the money and space you would probably set up a full warehouse

gym. Instead of trying to fit everything in, use this guide and your available space to help you purchase the equipment you actually need.

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