7 Tips for Selecting the Best Home Gym

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Home Gym
Training at a commercial gym can be a frustrating experience. There’s nothing worse than losing your pump while you wait your turn in the queue for the bench press machine. If you want to get the workout of your life, then it’s time to consider investing in your own gym equipment.

However, where do you start your research into the best home gym that suits your training needs? There are many different set-ups to choose from that the task of selecting the right equipment can be overwhelming.

We put together these seven tips that can help you to choose the best home gym that suits your training needs, your budget, and your home.

#1 Free-weights or Combo Gym?

There is a home gym set-up for anyone, depending on your level of experience and the space available in your home. If you have an ample area such as a double garage, the free-weights such as bench presses, power racks, and leg press machines are the best route to go.

Unfortunately, this kind of set-up costs a fortune and takes up a lot of room. Your double garage might not even be big enough to fit all the equipment you need. If you are looking for a home gym that is functional, compact, and inexpensive, then take a look at a combo-gym solution.

Combo-gyms feature a wide variety of equipment, all in one compact unit. The best part is that they can comfortably fit into the smallest homes and apartments, with most footprints of the gyms requiring less than four square feet.


#2 Manufacturer’s and Brands

Choosing the right brand of combo-gym or free-weights is critical. A reputable brand will have spent plenty of time and money on research and development of their equipment. This R&D is crucial because you need a home gym solution that has real-world experience and testing from top athletes and fitness professionals.

Choosing the right brand can mean the difference between buying a great home-gym, or a piece of worthless scrap metal. Choose wisely with your purchase and buy something you will use and not a set-up that will gather dust in the corner of the room because you don’t know how to use it correctly.


#3 Functionality and Design

Combo home gym set-ups feature different specifications from different manufacturers. Check out the practicality of the exercises that you will be able to do with your new combo gym. Some combo gyms allow you to use over twenty different movements, while some limit you to only a few exercises. It’s pointless to buy a piece of equipment where you will not use the full functionality of the gym. Conversely, you don’t want to purchase a piece of equipment that limits your workout either.


#4 Your Training Goals

What are your training goals? Strength? Fitness? Both? Your training goals will determine what kind of home gym set-up will suit you and your home. There are home combo-gyms available to suit specialist athletic training, such as ironman athletes, and there are set-ups made for a full-body beginner workout.

Make sure your review the functionality of the equipment and match it to your training goals before you finalize your purchase.


#5 Price and Shipping

Finding the right home gym set-up that meets your training goals and your budget is your main priority. Some home gyms can run into the tens of thousands of dollars for a complete professional system. There are also cheaper set-ups designed for beginners that are looking to start building some strength and fitness. Select the model that suits your training goals and experience level, without breaking your budget.

Home gyms are heavy pieces of equipment. The steel frames and weights weigh a substantial amount, and this means that you will probably have to pay a shipping charge to the retailer for delivery. Make sure you take this into account and incorporate it into your budget, the last thing you want is to be presented with an outrageous shipping bill because you didn’t get a shipping quote before you completed your checkout.


#6 Setting Up Your Home Gym

Setting up a home gym can be a challenge. Most home gyms are shipping unassembled and will require you to put them together. If you struggle with assembling the home gym because you do not have the tools or the patience to do so, then save time, effort and money by hiring a local handyman to assist you in building it.


#7 Maintenance and Guarantee or Warranty

This feature is a critical step in making your final selection of home-gym apparatus. Most manufacturers offer a standard two-year warranty. However, some manufacturers may exclude parts such as cables and casters from the warranty, so make sure you select a piece of equipment that has a fully comprehensive guarantee or warranty.


Wrapping Up

With these seven tips, you are now prepared to search for your ultimate home gym. All that’s left to do is make your purchase and begin your training. Stay consistent with your commitment to improving yourself and log your results.

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  1. I agree with your statement that it is important to make sure the gym equipment you buy comes with a fully comprehensive warranty. I think it would also be smart to have a repair service in mind when you buy the equipment so you can easily get it repaired if it breaks. My dad wants to start a home gym, so I will share these tips with him.

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