Top 2022 Fitness Trends You Need to Try

2022 Fitness Trends

Over the past few years, we have seen an explosion in fitness trends. Especially since the pandemic hit, more and more people started caring about their health and figuring out new ways to exercise. We started picking up virtual home gyms such as Peloton and Mirror, and wearable devices like FitBit and Apple Watch; we started training outside more and utilizing high-intensity circuits for conditioning. These were emerging trends in 2021 and they are now legitimate 2022 fitness trends that are here to stay.

In the athletic community, these exciting fitness trends are on the rise, and they will surely boost the effectiveness and efficiency of your workout routine in 2022. We are here to give you the ins and outs of these fun new trends.

Update Oct 2022: Let’s take a look back through our list of fitness trends and see how they played out the past 10 months.

The Top Workout Trends That Are Here to Stay

The new year is well underway, and the time is perfect for some sports-related pick-me-ups. Working on one’s workout resolutions requires focus and discipline, which is not always easy to muster up. What better way to fuel your inspiration than to find some exciting fitness trends for 2022?

Implementing a new workout routine, finding a new group session to join, or buying a new smart gadget can bring some fun into your sweat sessions, and enjoyment sure makes exercising fly by. After all, getting in top shape is worth the effort. Feeling comfortable in our own bodies is what we should strive for in both the mental and physical sense. Whether that be just for ourselves or for that extra feeling of confidence when it comes to our love life, flexing our figures on the best free dating sites, and let’s face it – looking great naked. Let’s take a look at what some hot fitness trends are for this year.

The Global Fitness Trends of 2022

Outdoor Training

Outdoor training has gained a lot of popularity during the lockdown. As the pandemic caused a lot of gyms to close, people got used to working out outside. When it comes to fitness trends after COVID, being active outdoors is absolutely here to stay. According to studies, exercising outdoors provides greater feelings of revitalization, increases energy, and gives you more satisfaction while also decreasing feelings of tension and depression. For 59.1% of adults, working out in nature is their go-to choice. On top of that, you can take your pet along too!

Wearable Fitness Tech

Wearable technology, fitness trackers, and other advanced exercise monitoring tools have gathered a lot of attention. Such tools will likely start to play a bigger part in people’s lives outside of exercise by monitoring sleep quality, stress levels, oxygen saturation, and so on. As wearable tech develops, we could see even more impressive capabilities that will aid people during workouts, as well as during their daily activities.

smart wearable fitness tech

HIIT Training

High-Intensity Interval Training has always been a fantastic way to reach results fast. Essentially, it focuses on making workout sessions as efficient as possible. One spends less time exercising, yet can see superb effects when done right. HIIT is known to burn more calories than endurance cardio sessions, and it enables you to burn more fat while decreasing the training sessions by at least 33%. If you haven’t tried it yet, we highly recommend it as one of the best 2022 fitness trends for adults.

Group Classes

People are very different, and naturally, some prefer solo training sessions, while others get their spirits up in group sessions. Concerning group fitness trends, we will very likely see an upsurge in various classes. People have been working from home, and once things open up again, a big part of them will be keen to get back and enjoy working out with others again. Some individuals thrive in the communal atmosphere of group sessions, therefore it is bound to make a comeback as soon as the restrictions ease.

Virtual Workouts

For those who enjoy a guided workout experience, but also want the convenience of being at home, there is a great middle ground. Virtual workouts have become very popular during the pandemic, and according to market analysis, the trend will see a wild boost in popularity during the next four years. There are variations of how virtual workouts can go, but the most common method is working with a coach via the web and using trackers combined with apps to record the results.

Smart Home Gyms

As last year forced everyone to stay at home, the quarantine fitness trend of smart home gyms became a go-to for many. These machines are multifaceted pieces of equipment that can transform to accommodate a wide variety of workouts. They can facilitate strength training, rowing, running, biking, Pilates, and yoga practices without occupying much space. Smart home gyms are not on the cheap side, but if you are looking for a compact setup to have at home, be sure to check them out.

fitness man on a Peloton

Body Weight Training

Bodyweight training is an excellent way of exercising when one does not have access to a gym facility. A combination of lunges, pushups, squats, pull-ups, step-ups, and planks can make for a grueling workout that will have you sweating big time. The best part of it is that you can do bodyweight training anytime and anywhere, without having to rely on any facilities. The convenience factor is superb, and therefore such workouts are a great choice to do at home or a hotel.


Breathwork is a type of exercise that is gaining a lot of attention in the health world. It works by consciously enforcing intense breathing patterns in a rhythmic pattern. The initial sessions should always be guided by a professional. The benefits are wide-ranging, and include reduced stress, increased alertness, alkalized blood PH, as well as lowered inflammation levels. Some people claim they even noticed a significant increase in their emotional health after trying the practice, which has a lineage of ancient yogic traditions such as Pranayama.

Cold Therapy

Cold therapy, also known as cryotherapy, is becoming incredibly popular due to the myriad of benefits it provides. It has also become an ongoing trend on social media and amongst professional athletes. Many will have heard of Wim Hoff, who has become somewhat of an online authority on the subject. However, the science is there to back up the phenomenal claims and health benefits the practice provides. Best of all is that it leaves you feeling amazing due to a natural dopamine boost of up to 250%. It is not necessary to book a cryotherapy session – a simple cold shower will do the job just fine.

ice bath fit girl

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are fitness trends for 2022 that will suit every type of person. Whether you enjoy personal sessions at home or love taking classes, both types can be boosted with smart devices, HIIT workouts, cold therapy, breathing exercises, and more. Popular fitness trends in lockdown, like bodyweight training and smart home gyms, have provided great benefits to people too, so they will surely continue to rise in popularity this year.

Our personal favorite is the trend of cold showers, ice baths, and polar plunges. These are super easy to implement, albeit a little bit uncomfortable, but the recovery and stamina benefits make a big difference. What are some hot fitness trends you’ve come to love during the lockdown? We would love to check your tips in the comments!

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