Easy Summer Workouts You Can Do Right at Home

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The summer is the season to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. While there’s nothing like the fun that can be had during this season, plenty of people struggle when it comes to feeling confident for putting on a swimsuit or going outdoors with little-to-no clothing on.

For example, I have plenty of male friends who refuse to take their shirts off at the beach. They don’t want their Dad-bods on display for the world. While this is perfectly understandable, albeit a little superficial, there are quite a few steps we can take to improve our health, confidence, and self-esteem, even while quarantined at home.

The Home Workout Remedy

If you’ve been worried about your appearance, now is the time to remember that you can make a difference in no time at all. In fact, you can start looking and feeling your best by committing to a workout routine at home this summer. Even without a gym, we have some great resources to help you put together a home workout routine with limited equipment and making use of bodyweight exercises.

You don’t need to go to the gym every single day in order to feel a sense of pride in the way you look. Simply take a moment to consider these easy at-home workouts that anyone can complete and learn the best way to develop a regimen of your own.

Bicycle Kicks

You probably already know all about basic workouts like pushups and crunches. While these are great foundational exercises, there are many more that can help you in a more specific way. Bicycle kicks, for example, are an exercise you can commit to whenever you have about fifteen minutes. Simply lie face up on the ground and be sure your legs are parallel to the floor. Put your hands behind your head and offer your neck the right amount of support. As you do this exercise, keep your shoulders off the floor.

The idea here is to rotate and twist your chest to either knee as you slowly rotate your legs the way you would while riding a bike. There are a few different spins you can put on it. Some people like to do one side at a time, focusing only on touching the left or right knee. Others find it is more helpful to alternate knees during a cycle, going in for a center push between right and left. Find what works best for you and you’ll start to feel the burn in no time.  

Practice Yoga

Yoga is a timeless option when it comes to simple and effective exercises that can be done at home. With yoga, there is a multitude of easy positions you can memorize and learn. All you need is a yoga mat, a comfortable spot in your house, and anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour. Not only does yoga help you limber, strengthen, and tone your muscles, the practice is also deeply satisfying to the spirit. This is perfect for anyone looking to work through stress while exercising this summer.

While hot yoga is popular, you might want to try the opposite. Everyone has a different goal when it comes to working out. If your skin is prone to breakouts or other frustrating blemishes, there are simple ways to focus on this when exercising. According to dermatologists, the best way to clear your skin through your workout is by engaging in physical activity in a cool environment. You don’t want it too cold, or it can hurt your muscles. In the event of a breakout, using a dermal repair complex coupon can be a helpful way to address your concerns.

Jump and Squat

Squats are a fantastic exercise that help to strengthen your legs and your core. If you want to get even more out of this classic option, consider doing a few jump squats each day. Essentially, this is an exercise where you stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. You will lower yourself into a squat the way you would normally for this kind of workout. Instead of pushing your legs up to stand, however, you will swing your arms back and jump into the air from your position of squatting

As you return from the jump, you want to lower yourself back into the squatting position. Take a beat, then jump again and repeat. Doing about ten reps of this exercise each day can do wonders for your body and your sense of wellness. 

Design Your Own Routine

Feeling fit in the summer doesn’t have to be a complicated goal. As long as you take time to design a routine you can commit to at home, you will be ready to start seeing results from all your hard work.

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