Healthy Grab and Go Snacks: From A Personal Trainer

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Healthy grab and go snacks

Being a fitness trainer is an exceptionally challenging job that not only requires your expertise in helping others to achieve their fitness goals but also demands that you look after your physique on a daily routine. As a busy personal trainer, I am always searching for the best grab and go snacks that I can consume regularly to maintain my healthy appetite. 

The perfect diet does not exist but with an evaluated plan that effectively contributes to your health, you can easily manage to get your fitness right on track just like a personal trainer myself. Let me take you through my day-to-day snacks and meals that make me maintain a balanced diet while helping in my fitness journey.

Grab and Go Breakfast 

The first meal of the day is extremely essential and plays a significant part in efficiently shaping the rest of your day. I have been persistent in keeping my breakfast refreshing as well as tasteful to give myself a head start for the day. It is incredibly important to have a meal in the morning that is well balanced and one which is taken in sufficient amounts that keeps you functioning till midday. My breakfast includes

  • Whole eggs
  • Egg whites
  • Oats
  • Peanut butter 
  • Fruits (apples, kiwis, bananas, oranges) 

After my workout, I prefer to have a breakfast that is completely occupied with proteins, carbs, and fats. This allows me to keep my diet well-balanced and my appetite maintained. Being a personal trainer, it is my responsibility to keep track of all the calories that are not only being burnt during exercise but also the amount that I am consuming daily. 

Proteins are the most abundant component of our body and are most importantly required post-workout to repair the affected muscles to recover from the wear and tear. Consuming an adequate amount like in eggs is necessary as it would provide the necessary treatment for the rest of the day. 

Carbs are required by the body to overcome the energy lost from the body during intense exercise. Bananas and peanut butter would be enough to produce and restore the energy backup that may come in handy during your working hours when you need a constant supply of energy. 

In my experience, the most common problem with people who are trying to eat healthily and stay fit is the fact that an adequate amount of water intake is neglected from their diet. Water is used for every purpose in the body and it is the component that deserves much-needed attention. Heavy workouts cause the release of excess amounts of water in the form of sweat which leads to dehydration. Drinking water is a must for the chemical process in our body that stabilizes the water potential and the electrolytes in our blood. 

Another source of much-needed energy that helps my body to get going in the morning is caffeine. I like to take my coffee with almond milk and stevia which makes it delicious and nutritious at the same time. 

Grab and Go Lunch

At midday, most of the time I am working and getting the necessary things done, and during these situations, I prefer to eat a meal that provides an extra boost of energy. As a trainer, I need to keep in account some important aspects of the meal that enhance my productivity and performance. My grab and go snacks for lunch usually consist of a combination of the items below:

healthy grab and go lunch snacks
  • Protein shakes (always chocolate flavor)
  • Protein bars (look for high protein and lower calorie options)
  • Flavored tuna cans 
  • Greek Yogurt 
  • Cottage cheese with berries and honey 
  • Vegetable slices
  • Cold-cut meat slices (beef, chicken, turkey, ham)

My most interesting lunch option is a “charcuterie box” where I can easily consume my much-needed protein in the form of meat and cheese. I prefer roast beef & chicken but turkey cuts can be included as well. Cheese and crackers along with your favorite dips can make the lunch snacks much more enjoyable. 

Grab and Go Dinner

Being a trainer myself, who is mostly busy during the day, I always look forward to going back home, relaxing, and eating some amazing homemade food. But that is not always the case, so here are some grab and go snacks I like to eat around dinner time.

  • Simply Steamers: These are frozen microwavable meals but the calories and macros are pretty decent in them. My favorite steamers are the honey balsamic chicken, beef & broccoli, and the chicken + broccoli alfredo.
  • Beef Jerky: A very simple and high-protein snack.
  • Crispy Minis: These are miniature-sized rice cakes that come in a variety of flavors, and you can eat quite a few of them while keeping the calories low.

If I, unfortunately, run out of time and do not get the chance to prepare any dinner at home then I go out to some of my favorite food chains that offer a variety of healthy food options.

  • Chipotle
  • Subway
  • Chopped Leaf
  • Mucho Burrito


My daily grab and go snacks are simple and on the less expensive side, which makes it easy for anyone to follow and get quality foods on the go. If you would like more information on health and fitness, check out the Fitness Report website linked in my author bio below.

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Author Bio:

Michael Currie is a personal trainer and online fitness and weight loss coach from Vancouver British Columbia in Canada. He has been training for over 10 years and has gone through it all – weight gain, weight loss, building muscle, and injuries. You can find Michael online at The Fitness Report.

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