What is My Body Type? Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph

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You could be wasting your time with a great workout routine and proper nutrition if you don’t know how to train and eat based on your body type. When I first started training and reading about body types my first question – what is my body type, was hard to answer. It seemed I was the combination of 2 of them so initially, I struggled to categorize myself. Honestly, your body type category doesn’t matter enough for anyone to be stressed out about categorizing the body type but knowing the details of how to eat and train for each type, at least gave me some direction as I set goals for fat loss and strength gains in my earlier years.

Hopefully, this guide will help you find some answers if you ask the question, ‘What is my body type?’

What is a Body Type?

Everyone’s body is different, I am sure you will agree. All bodies look different, smell different, work differently, move differently, etc… Why would you train like someone who is genetically gifted to be a bodybuilder, if you are genetically gifted to be a Kenyan endurance runner? It doesn’t work. Let me explain how you can better target your daily routine to your body type.

A body type describes how easily it is for you to gain and lose, fat and muscle. Some people are just predisposed to being large, like Ronnie Coleman for instance. While others tend to stay skinny no matter what they do. Let us get into the details. There are three kinds of body types; ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph.

Ectomorph Body Type

Ectomorphs usually refer to themselves as hard-gainers, which means that for Ectomorphs to gain muscle, it takes significant hard work, dedication, and lots of food. These folks usually carry very low levels of body fat, tend to have smaller muscles, and often have a smaller skeletal structure.


Training for Ectomorphic Body Type

Ectomorphs should be lifting heavy weights. That’s all there is to it. These guys need to build a strong core, a strong foundation, upon which to build the physique they desire. Compound exercises with a rep range from 3-5 should be used to facilitate strength gains. After a stable base is built, Ectomorphs will want to incorporate hypertrophy training, which is about 8-10 reps of slightly more isolationist exercises, like seated dumbbell shoulder press, dumbbell bench press, single arm triceps extensions, perhaps single-leg extensions, and maybe a few curls. Since maximal intensity is needed during sets and stored ATP should be replenished as much as possible, rest periods between exercises should last about 2 minutes.

Diet for Ectomorphic Body Type

You skinny bastards have metabolisms faster than a bullet. If you are not eating, you should be. When you’re not hungry, eat. If you just ate and you’re full, eat some more or drink some milk or a protein shake. Pick the high-calorie, high-protein, healthier foods, and constantly be eating. Foods that are highest in healthy fats should provide the biggest bang for the buck since the Omega 3’s and calories will go a long way to putting on some bulk. Try 95% fat-free beef, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, and all-natural peanut butter. Keep milk, yogurt, kidney beans, and fruit on hand for snacks. Protein bars are good too, if you can stomach them. I prefer Pure-Protein bars and Chef Jay’s Trioplex.

Mesomorph Body Type

Mesomorph bodies are more inclined to gain muscle mass quite easily. These folks are considered the ‘genetically gifted’ when it comes to bodybuilding. They are not necessarily easy gainers, but they are not hard gainers either. Mesomorph body types are very athletic looking and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. These are the guys that people refer to as jacked, ripped, and cut; and they usually walk with good posture. Mesomorphs can build muscle faster than Ectomorphs and can also lose fat much faster than Endomorphs, as long as they eat and train properly.


Training for the Mesomorphic Body Type

The best form of training for a Mesomorph would be heavy weight lifting utilizing maximal force. This would include the kind of explosive training found in powerlifting and Olympic lifting. Different exercises should be utilized in every training session targeting every muscle in the body with heavy weights to increase size and strength. Full-body training probably works best for Mesomorphs since they can recover quickly and adapt to traditional training programs easily. Cardio should still be performed but kept to a maximum of 2 sessions a week. This will keep the heart and lungs healthy, and the fat at bay, while not impeding muscle growth. 30-40 minutes for each cardio session is ideal. Intensity should be kept at a high intensity to focus more on the fat-burning process rather than the chance of minimizing muscle mass. Interval sprints and other explosive exercises should be mandatory.

Diet for the Mesomorphic Body Type

For the mesomorph, a balanced diet should be maintained. A 30/30/40 balance of protein/fat/carbs should be utilized. This will give the trainee a full supply of nutrients and enough diverse calories to facilitate muscle growth and maintain a lean physique.

Endomorph Body Type

“Hey fatty, having trouble getting lean?” You don’t want to say this to an endomorph because most likely he is bigger and stronger than you and may be apt to crush you if he feels like it. This body type is more likely to gain fat but is also more likely to be big, strong, and large-boned. Endomorphs usually have a soft and squashy appearance, and they have a much tougher time losing fat than the other two body types. The most can be made of this body type with a dedicated workout routine, and a dedicated nutrition plan. It is not that bad to be a big fat guy, as long as you know how to turn it into a jacked, ripped, son of a bitch through diet and exercise.


Training for the Endomorphic Body Type

Weight training should be kept to a higher rep range for most workouts. I recommend 1-2 complexes per week with several exercises strung together and little rest between sets. An example of a complex might be a deadlift into a hang clean into a push press into a back squat into a rear push press, and back to the floor. This will train for endurance, and strength, and will keep the metabolism elevated.

Endomorphs will still want to dedicate one day a week, one week a month, or two months a year, to serious strength training. The majority of the training though, should focus on the 8-12 rep range. Cardio is a big plus for endomorphs. 3-4 sessions of cardio per week is recommended, for 40-50 minutes at a time. At each cardio session, different types of cardio exercises should be utilized. Sprints, complexes, jumping rope, cycling, and kickboxing classes are all examples of decent cardio exercise.

Diet for the Endomorphic Body Type

It is best to eat about 7 or 8 small meals throughout the day. The key phrase here is SMALL MEALS. I am talking about 300-400 calorie meals. This type of eating increases your metabolism and your body burns additional calories when digesting food, so keeping your body in a constant state of digestion is a bonus. Concentrate more on protein and carbs, and keep fat to a bare minimum, especially saturated fats. Fats are the higher calorie nutrient and should be kept to only 20% of your overall diet.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have answered the question, what is my body type, you know where you stand and have a better idea of how to train for your body type, I expect that you will examine your current diet and exercise plan. Make the changes that you need to make to maximize your efficiency, and get back in the gym! Be sure to contact me with any questions.

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108 Responses to “What is My Body Type? Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph”

  1. What if you gain both muscle and fat easily? I do both. I can gain muscle very easily. I have very muscular legs and it doesnt take much lifting to see results. I also gain fat pretty easily, or don’t lose it very well, whichever way you look at it.

  2. Body types are made in the kitchen… not in the gym. That is not to say that exercise isn't a must. It just means that eating the right foods at the right time of day in accordance with your training is what will change/maintain your body mass index and overall body shape.

    I am naturally ectomorphic in body type and I have no trouble putting on solid muscle mass while consistently staying lean. I mix my workout up as far as what exercises and how many reps/weight per set I do every week or two. This creates confusion for your muscles; thus eliminating the 'plateau' effect. I have seen considerable muscle mass growth while doing sets of 12 and 15 as long as I am eating correctly throughout the day. I don't always do those rep counts but it proves that what is said above is not entirely true.

    Eighty percent of your results will come from diet and nutrition. Please don't cheat yourself by believing that certain workout routines will give you dramatic results alone. Too often do I see people quit because they workout really hard and do what their buddy tells them and it doesn't work. It's because 'that guy' is most likely a mesomorph and you are most likely not eating properly.

    We all have google at our disposal these days. Just read, read, read, read, and read some more. For examples of proper form and amazing workouts my personal favorites are Scott Herman and Zuzana Fitness on youtube.

    Have fun. 🙂

  3. According to the body type quizzes that I tried & the findings that my gym did to my body a few years ago, they all say one thing: that I fall under the medium frame mesomorph. However I doubt if I’m a pure mesomorph because I used to have a pear-shaped body which is an endo characteristic although right now I have a more hourglassy statistics which is a meso characteristic. I have been overweight for most of my adult life although I do admit that the major part of it is due to my negligence while the minor part is that I was diagnosed with PCOS that made me very overweight & look more like an endo. Also I notice that I gain fat easily but my body is also very responsive to diet & exercise so I tend to lose weight easily too not to mention that my calves are always more pronounced since I was a kid.

  4. Endomorph’s are not necessarily muscular. There are a lot of Endomorphic Ectomorphs and Ectomorphic Endomorphs who are very low in Mesomorphy.

    Examples: Leonardo Dicaprio Endo 4.5/Meso 3/ Ecto 4.5

    This type can actually be harmed by lifting heavy weights

    Another example Robert Pattinson: Endo 5/ Meso 2.5/ Ecto 5

  5. I pretty much agree with your workout approach for ectomorphs, but most ectomorphs are anxious to pack on weight and muscle. I understand building up strength, but I find the optimum muscle building to be between 6 and 12 reps. I especially agree with the rest periods. I would just like to add that workouts shouldn’t last more than an hour and only 3 times a week. If you are an ectomorph you have to realize that your body doesn’t handle the stress as well as the other body types.

  6. Generally good advice, though I have to disagree with the part about eating anything you see for ectomorphs. If you are not working out, I don’t think you should be drinking protein shakes, since it will be converted to fats. However, if your main goal is to bulk up, I think it’s alright, though it’s best to minimize it. my 2 cents 🙂

  7. I seem to have characteristics of both meso and ecto. Can you be a combination of the three or is it one or the other? I am 6’5″ 230lbs and athletic, I have broad shoulders and large physical features 48″ chest 36″ waist. I also lose weight easily and can get skinny if I dont exercise. If I could compare my body type to someone I think I would say I resemble a prototypical shooting guard in basketball (Jordan, Kobe, etc) obviously not nearly as athletic.

  8. Once an Endomorph body type loose weight, what will happen with their excess skin? Will they just have to walk around with the weight of that skin and still look unattractive?

  9. Im 16. I can gain muscle quick. Its mostly all lean. W/some bulk in my chest and tri`s. Im probably one of the bulkiest guys in my age group in my training class. But im also sknny and sometimes my body doesnt take in all it should. I can gain fat and mass, but still remain lean uder it w/no bulk. And my neck is kinda long. Am i like a freak combo of all the body types? Or am i unable to gain mass because im still growing?

    Thanks for any help.

    • Sorry but I have no idea what you are describing. Either you can “gain muscle quick” or you can’t. It sounds like you are trying to gain mass, but first you say you can gain mass easy but then you say you can’t, so I don’t understand the question. You are probably a mesomorph but maybe you either don’t lift heavy enough or you don’t eat enough to gain muscle. I’d probably need to know way more about your body type, training, and lifestyle to maybe any other recommendations.

  10. Hi, I am 17 years old Guy. And I think I am endomorph cause I have fat on my body ! So please tell which exercises should I do ! Specially really best ones.

    And the diet which I had to take which costs very little…


  11. Hi I’m 33 yr Female. I’m 5″2.5 and weigh 110-115 lbs currently. Small frame. Slight pear shape. (very narrow shoulders and bigger hips) I’ve been up to 128 lbs tops. I’ve exercised a lot my whole life-jogging, spin, and light weights 3 times/ week. In had a very hard time losing any weight until I got off the pill and cut back calories <1000/day. Not as much exercise recenty-but the weight came off easier regardless. My husband and I want to try to get pregnant and I don't want to gain a lot of weight. What should I do to prevent that from happening?

  12. Good site.

    I’m a 58 year old male. Weighing 245 lbs. 5′ 10″ My chest is 50″, waist about 40-42″ Neck is over 21″. No double chin, but big head, big bones, and have very muscular thighs, calves and arms. I tend to gain weight easily and lose it as well when I watch the diet, but am bad about caloric intake.

    I have always participated in mixed martial arts up until 2 years ago when I blew out lower disc. Can’t keep up with the young pups anymore on the mats, but continue to do some like training. I run 2.4 miles 5 days a week in 26 minutes. I do planks every other day for a minute t2 reps and push ups 25 3 reps again, every other day, usually. I just can’t seem to lose the fat around mid section but Dr. says I have lots of strong muscle under that fat. I am big but most don’t think I weigh what I do. People tend to walk around me as they have told me repeatedly I look menacing. I don’t feel that big, but…I am perceived as such. I am not fat looking but do have more body fat then I feel I should. I don’t want to kid myself. Am I doing enough exercise? I love to work out but since stopping working out at the Pit, I do the above work outs only now. My cardio is excellent. I don’t do weights that much at all and never have. Is that enough?

    I checked out pictures of mesomorph’s and endomorph’s. I feel I am not classic to either build but a combination of both. Is that possible or am I kidding myself.

  13. Shoe Size: 8
    Hips: 38 inches
    Shoulder Width: 18 inches
    Shoulder to Wrist: 22.5 inches
    Chest: 36 inches
    Waist: 30 inches
    Inside Leg: 29.5 inches
    Height: 5 feet 2 inches
    Collar: 14.5 inches
    Head: 22.5 inches

    I lose fat very quickly but get a lot heavier after regular strength training.

    What somatotype would you consider me to be from these details and measurements?

  14. What exercises can i do to develop larger thighs and bigger calf muscles. do i need more protein in my diet, and do protein shakes work?

  15. Well…i dont know what tipe i am. well what i am curious is my whole body “look” i have small width of shoulders, large width of hips…and i have “large” lungs…i mean when you look me by profile side my upper body is huge. is that normal? :S what to work on

  16. I am 18 year old male.I workout regularly and i have got a big bulk body with very broad shoulders wide waist (i don’t have much fat but still wide) and big thighs. My friends ask me from where i got the strength but it has been natural for me. What type of body i have?……

      • I am 6 foot tall, I am big but not too fat and I am a way bigger and heavier than my other mates. I have good stamina and energy. If i miss my workout for a month, I become too fat. I don’t do much weight training but i have more strength than others…..

  17. i am 5’4 female and my weight fluctuates between 135-140. i have a tendecy to gain weight in my stomach but i gain muscle quickly in my arms and legs. what would my body type be.

  18. I dont know what body type i am. I weigh about 155 pounds and am about 5 foot 10 inches. I have a waist of 30 inches and am toned. Could you tell me what body type i am plz?

  19. idk what i am….ecto or meso… im 5’11 and weigh 145… i have small waist of 31 inchest and chest is 43 inches and im pretty toned.. i bench 210 n curl about 115 pounds.. i run a 4.8 40 yard dash but im slim n have pretty wide shoulders.. i eat alot but dnt get fat or gain weight..but i work out n just get stronger each day but not really bigger.. any help with how to get bigger wud help..thanx

  20. Hey Im not quite sure of my body type. You see I gain muscle very fast and tend to keep a good amount of it when I stop training. I do tend to carry a small amount of fat but I believe it’s due to my horrible diet. I’m never fat per say and always muscular and I do lose weight quite fast… When I diet properly. So I’m not quite sure if I’m an endo or a meso. If you need more info hit me up via email. Thanks for your time and support.

  21. I have no idea what’s my body type. I am a 20 year old female, and exercise 5-6 times a week (mostlt weight lifting) since my goal is to gain muscle mass.
    By the trainer, I was told that I have more upper strength than lower strength (got broad shoulders, more straight looking legs).

    I notice that I gain fat easily, and lose it quite easily (IF, I kept my diet/exercise in check.) For the past 5 years my weight has been practically stable to an extent. Falls back and forth between 46kg (my lowest)-54kgs (my highest). My problem is that I only gain weight in my lovehandls and belly, otherwise my arms, legs…whatever are always the same, with little or no changes. Since I started exercising since (Dec), until to date.

    I lost 4kgs of fat, and gained 2kgs of muscles (more or less), which i have been told is little.

    Currently I weigh53kgs w/21 kgs of muscles and 16kgs of fat. Yup.

    My program is this. A split workouts between upper and lower and 1 day 45 minutes cardio. I’ve gained noticeable muscles in my upper body, but not my lower…

    I am so confused about my body type and what I should be doing!

    • Sounds to me like you might be a mesomorph, able to gain muscle and lose fat relatively easily. I think maybe you just need to set a priority. If you want to gain lower body muscle mass, stop doing endurance cardio with your lower body and start focusing on muscle building. Try some Werewolf Training.

  22. in reference to the diet plan for endomorphs-
    The multiple small meals a day plan is stupid and should never be utilized. 8, 400 calorie meals will equal 3200cals in a day. This is way too much for fat loss. It is also not cost effective or a good use of time to try and prepare 7 or 8 small meals per day. The best approach ive ever heard of for fat loss, and one i lost around forty pounds with is called Intermittent Fasting (IF) this the normal person fasting for 16hrs and eating for 8. A small lunch around one, a hearty dinner, and a small, healthy meal that is fibrous and rich in protein are best. This approach, if used right, will leave you feeling satiated throughout the day, it is time and cost effective, and is an overall much more practical approach to weight loss. The majority of the reading i have done on this approach i found on leangains.com. its a blog by a very well informed personal trainer. His approaches work for everyone, men and women. i suggest browsing his sight and finding out more. enjoy.

  23. Hi…
    can i ask a question? what body type am i?
    i am 5’7 or 5’8 i am 13 years old,i am 136 lb or 60 kg… (i am always in between 56 – 60… except when i grow taller 😛
    and i got some fat on my belly… started to do ab exercises 1 month ago,cardio a few months ago, and push ups,light weight lifting and pull ups a month ago too…

    oh and am i allowed to go to the gym yet? since my dad said he would let me and he would pay 😀

    • You are probably a mesomorph. 13 seems like a good age to start hitting the gym. Just check with your doctor first if you have any questions.

  24. Hey Steve, I’ve learned alot from your website, but I still can’t figure out what I am. Most of my life I’ve been pretty skinny and lanky, but I started lifting weights 21 months ago and since then I’ve gained abobut 30 lbs of weight and my body represents a mesomorph. I’m currently 5’10” about 160 lbs and not a bit of fat on me. Whats your opinion? thanks

  25. Steve, in werewolf training, is it ok to vary and do a lot of different muscles in one session ? Because iv been looking at a programme, and in the first session in covers chest, back, biceps and triceps ?! Want to do make sure im doing it properly to get the right results. Thanks.

    • All sorts of splits can be good. In the past 5 years I tend to favor upper and lower body splits, or full body training.

    • Lucky: I don’t think I can classify you based on just that information alone, however at 5’9 and 140 lbs, I bet you are an ectomorph.

  26. X2: I would say you are most likely mesomorphic. If ectomorphic you would probably weigh less and have a smaller structure. If endomorphic you would probably have much more difficultly losing bodyfat.

    Angel: Drinking a few brews always affects fat loss. Nothing about drinking beer helps you lose fat, in fact it does just the opposite. So, how can you get away with drinking beer and still lose fat? Try drinking a maximum of 3-4 lite beers after a workout in order to put those carbs to good use. Make sure you follow a low calorie diet on other days, and eat light the day of the beer drinking… factor the beer calories into your daily calorie allowance.

  27. I’m 5’9 23 yrs old….. I used to weigh a good 232lbs with about 17% bodyfat…… Now in about 2 1/2 months I’ve gone down to 205lbs with 10% body fat with light weight and plenty of reps…..Cardio has been my best friend which has been a major factor in my work outs. I beleive i’m a mesmomorph, but I can quite get the deep cuts…I eat pretty well… I wanted to know how much does drinking a few brews on the weekends effect your weight loss….

  28. I’ve been looking at this for a while now, and I’m curious to know someone’s opinion on the matter.
    Okay, so I’m a 22 year old female. I’m 5’7.5″ and I weigh 135lbs. I have really broad shoulders. While this isn’t a feat for a guy, my upper body always fits very tight into small men’s shirts, especially the shoulders and arms. Typically, the material is hugging me on my upper half and loose the lower down it goes. I am just starting to want to work out, but without having ever done so, I have quite a relatively decent deal of defined muscle.
    A few months ago, I ended up getting pretty depressed and I completely let myself go. I was eating around the clock aimlessly and sleeping most of my days away. It took me about four months of this to pack on ten or so pounds. Anyway, when I started feeling better, I noticed the weight gain and decided to take steps to reverse it. I thought it would take me ages, but it completely came off in about a week and a half of eating a little less and doing some very light walking.
    While I haven’t been in a gym since I was younger, people used to gawk because I could put the highest weight on various leg machines and do several reps (around ages 13-15). From what I’ve read, I’m kind of excited as it would seem I’m a mesomorph, but I might just be letting this get to my head. Does anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

  29. Nice article!
    I’m having trouble figuring out my body type however.
    I’m 6’5” and considerably skinny, but I do have thicker bones and gain/lose weight at a normal rate. I can’t eat whatever I damn well please but I can be more lax with my diet.
    When I do weight training I gain muscle pretty quickly however it’s small muscle. I’ve been told by others that I just have very taught tendons. I always seem to retain the ‘perfect V’ ratio unless I pound on the fats.
    Any helpful information?

    • Enrich: You are most likely a mesomorph, you lucky bastard. You could probably gain muscle faster if you lifted heavier weights with more intensity.

  30. This article helped me some but I don’t have the time to eat tons of meals thru out the day. I do severly limit carbs and sugar and liquid callories and eat a lot of lean ground beef generaly 7% and greens like green beans and brocoli. Once a week I take one day off to eat carbs and sugar from fruit. I also take a fiber drink every day. I take in about 1/2 gallon of water daily.

    Im starting back at the gym with more of a cardio approch in mind and more compound focus on weights than last time.. Is this going to work? I hate fish, turkey is only good with dressing… Chicken is ok but too much makes me feel weird.. I Don’t eat steak every night but I don’t know something is missing… Any suggestions?

    • Shively: High intensity cardio + full body training + a healthy high protein diet + recovery = weightlifting progress. Git ‘er done.

  31. Hello, my name is Tod and i’m an endomorph, i have lost 130 lbs so far but am having trouble losing the last 25 lbs. I do a cardio workout 7 day’s a week for 45 minutes at a time and have recently started lifting weights. my question is what foods should i be eating that can help burn fat and yet help gain muscle ?

  32. Hello I agree with everything that you have said about my body type. Although I think that I am going to have a really big problem with the exercise program that you recommeds for my body type. I have not did ant type exercise since I have been out of highschool and that has been over 10 years ago. My body is completely out of wack. I am 5’3 284lbs I can barely walk 20 steps at a good spend without feeling like I am about to pass out. Is it any other suggestions concerning this matter.

    • Yolanda: Please start off slow by gradually progressing from walking, light dumbbell and bodyweight exercises, to jogging and more strenuous dumbbell, barbell, and bodyweight exercises, to HIIT routines plus intense weightlifting.

      You can start with simple push ups, dumbbell curls, dumbbell rows, bodyweight squats, dumbbell deadlifts, dumbbell shoulder presses, tricep kickbacks, and other very easy movements. If you don’t have dumbbells start with soup cans or a resistance band. There are no excuses though. There is always a way to start off easy.

  33. Hey,
    Nice article, but I have a question.

    I’m a pretty thin guy (5’7.5″ and 135lbs). The problem is that my wrists are on the smaller side, because when I wrap my hand (thumb and middle finger) around my wrist there is about a centimeter and a half overlap. My shoulders are not narrow, they are actually quite broad, and my ankles are thick. I do not have chicken legs.
    With all of that said, I’m having trouble finding my body type. I eat a lot of food but don’t put on too much weight. When I workout I lose weight quickly, and when I was younger I was obese.

    What body type do you suppose I am?

    P.S.: Feel free to ask any more body questions if it’ll help make a more informed answer.

  34. hey thanks steve, yeah my hands are quiett bigg, iv js recently turndd into a UK shoe size 10?? im short and i hate it lol, any sugestions on heightt ?? because of my powerful build n strenght iv been told to start boxing or MMA i might be doing soo, oww i want to grow,, atleast my dads height 🙁 loll 😀

  35. hi i have a mesomorph body type and i was just wondering, are mesomorphy body typed people shortt?? ive just recently turned 18 n im 5ft 8, havent grown for about 2-3yrs, im very muscular even though i hardly go gym, my feet are still growing :S my dads 6ft 1 n i have bigger feet then him? i ws just wonderingg what peoples opinions might be ?? thanks very much

    • J Man: I don’t think your body type has that much to do with your height, but I think we tend to see shorter endomorphs and taller ectomorphs. Mesomorphs are always right in the middle. Sorry that you have huge feet. Do you have huge hands too? If you have big ole mits, might I suggest you get into MMA?

  36. Hello. I am an endomorph. I do lots of cardio. I alternate days with tae-bo aerobics, and 16 minutes high-intensity elliptical cardio. I also weight train at a high intensity. I use weights that heavy enough to where it is impossible for me to get more than seven reps in. If I want good muscle definition in the arms chest and shoulders, and a nice hard endomorphic type belly. Will this amount of cardio make my muscle definition goals impossible?

    • Al: I not sure that tae-bo is very intense, but I suppose you get out of it what you put in, so make sure you are killing those tae-bo workouts. I really have no idea what your workouts are like or if your idea of high intensity is the same as mine, but from what you’ve said I think you are on the right path. If you want insane cuts and a tight 6 pack, you should focus more on diet and make sure your ab training is in check.

      Check out this post on getting shredded.
      Then peep this 3 part series on the 10 best ab exercises.

  37. Hi I’m an Endomorph and I feel that i need to go from 240 to 200 so I could feel much more confident in joining the army. could you possibly help me out with a plan?

    • Gib, you should totally try out the full body workout routine 3 times a week and add some conditioning workouts on the side. Try a couple HIIT sessions, maybe some kickboxing or other martial arts, or put together some high intensity complexes to melt the fat off your body.

  38. I am an Endomorph and definitely agree with the suggestions stated in this article, as well as others I’ve read on the web. I’m 35 years old, female, 5′ tall and weigh 105 lbs. I’m fit, and I exercise a lot (at a glance, most people would think I was a mesomorph because I work at being like one or close to one, etc). But I know I am really an endomorph. I went low (pretty much no) carb when I was 21 because somehow I just realized that I balloon up when I eat carbs. I also do low-weight, high rep weight training and get lots of cardio. I love carbs, but I’ve just come to terms (for years now) that I cannot eat them. It is really weird because my friends and family seem to have no awareness that different bodies function differently. When a family member says “Oh it’s just a little bread,” they mean well; they just don’t realize that a little bread totally fattens me up! I know for sure I am an endomorph just because of what I see when I go for just a few days without working out (though this never happens, only when I am on vacation) and eat a lot of carbs. My mother has a very soft, pudgy, overweight body, because she does not work out and she is not low-carb. We have the same body type; I would look like her if I didn’t know how endomorphs are supposed to eat & exercise.

    • Jane: thanks for your comments. Hopefully you can keep making more and more progress with your healthy diet and exercise habits.

  39. I just made a somatotype test and the result was 2.17. It places me closest tomthe mesomorph type, according to the author. Highly credible: I might be a little ectomorph, as I am slender and can have very intense metabolism-sometimes. But my wide chest, 5.11-6 feet tall and somewhat muscular feet bring me closest to mesomorph. I am 26, by the way, and I was a strong, resistant but at times also rather fat kid-slender as late teenager.
    We should eat balanced foot and not funk with fastfood too much.

  40. I weigh in at 45kg’s every morning and by the end of the day I weigh a happy (well for me) 46,5kg’s. What I’d give to make 50kg’s on my scale :(… I eat the right foods, and carrying my son around is enough exercise for me… isnt there a quicker full proof way like maybe a pill one can pop that gives you 5 kilo’s in a go… (grin)?

    • euridice: It’s called anadrol, and if you actually manage to get some and take it, you’re either a dolt or a professional bodybuilder.

  41. man i love you you are truely a god sent and i did even have to get undress thank you did i say thank you!!!!!

  42. To Whom reads this:

    Hello, my name is Timothy. After reading this page, I feel that I may have a solution to my problem.

    After reviewing the descriptions of each body type, and of course the images, I am fairly confident that I am a endomorph body type. What confuses me though, is I am a fairly good marathon runner, and runner in general. I have sub-3 hour marathons. I think this was just through hard work that I obtained that I suppose.

    On top of that, I do tons of ab work outs. I have a very strong core. What baffles me though, is my inability to lose that stomach pudge. I commonly get the accusations of being the “skinny fat guy” and that I dont look like a marathoner. (I run for Navy)

    My diet fluctuates. With all of the running, its hard for me to stick with one diet, I feel absolutely drained after too long.

    What exactly kind of diet should I follow? Id love to see my abs one day.

    Thanks alot,

    Very Respectfully,

    Timothy J. Ruth

  43. Articles like this have led to a lot of myths in fitness/bodybuilding/weighttraining.
    First of all, you should never eat 7 meals a day, because it is unhealthy and takes up a considerable amount of time. Google “intermittent fasting” if you want proof.
    Secondly, endo;s shouldn’t perform complexes of 10 reps. They should focus on getting strong, i.e. performing +- 5 reps of the major exercises (squat, deadlift, press, (weighted)pullups, bench press, rows, (weighted) dips), as they are genetically gifted to become extremely strong. In the process of becoming strong they will get lean, that is if they eat healthy.

  44. I have very narrow shoulders and weak chest however my thighs and butt is quite large so ya i look like a woman. is this an ecto-meso body type. if i pick up weight its always in my ass and thighs first and im a male.anypointers to try and proprtion better

  45. Hey, I’m 15 years old, soon to turn 16 in a few months, and I’m interested in starting going to the gym. I think I’m somewhere between an ectomorph and mesomorph, if that’s even possible. I heard that to build up muscle quickly (IE: testosterone), you should work your quads to hell, and back. I heard that they somehow manage to bulk your upper body up…somehow.
    Anyway, I already have a very strong torso, but my legs are pretty skinny. If I start working out those quads, would it raise my testosterone level and make my upper body bigger as well?

  46. Craig:
    You are right to a certain degree. If I were suggesting a high carb diet for endomorphs, you would be totally right. Instead, I am suggesting that endomorphs keep fats low in order to keep calories low. Up above I mentioned 20% of the diet should be fats, but that could go as high as 30%. Carbs should also be 30%, but they should be strictly low glycemic index carbs. I’m talking about fiber, oats, veggies, and fruit.

    On the other hand, if an endomorph wanted to go on a crash diet and lose a bunch of fat real quick, I might recommend a low carb, high fat, high protein diet.

  47. Hmm for anyone reading this article, I would take it with a pinch of salt. There are a whole bunch of references to myths and common ignorance here. For example endomorphs almost always suffer from some degree of insulin resistance, so suggesting a high carb diet for an endomorph is possibly the worst thing you can do. Ironically, a low-carb, moderate-protein, high-fat diet would be best suited for an endomorph.

  48. I was just told that I have a Mesomorph Body Type by a personal trainer in the Army which means that I should probably see results pretty fast but I feel more like an Ectomorph. I don’t know much about working out or eating but from what I gather… three or four healthy meals a day should be good, right?


    • Am i an ecto mesomorph, or mesomorph? Im 17, about 6’0”, wiegh 162lbs, have 6 inch wrists, long limbs, wide shoulders, wide rib cage, i can lose or gain easily, i run a marathon in 3:12:51, 33 inch waist, i can gain or lose fat easily as well with muscle mass and strength. I can also bench press 170 with no weight training, i can curl a curling bar with 20 pounds on each side, i can shoulder press about 90 pounds, i can lift all this without any training., i have long fingers, skinny forearms, and a long physique with a wide tendency (kinda like a swimmer).

  49. Hi ,
    I am an overweight ectomorph. I was skinny like this until I turned 30 and quit smoking, now I look like a small boned fat person with a big belly and don’t drink! I see that for an ectomorph, it says to limit cardio, but how else can I lose this fat?

  50. Can you tell me the difference in a body builder’s health and a long distance runner’s? I have to do a paper for school and I have no facts. I have to tell which one is healthier between the two and why? Thanks so much for your help, your comments are very interesting.
    Thanks again!!!

  51. Hi i weigh a ton for my age, but i dont look that fat, and also im very very very athletic. im an endomorph and i usually have long periods of trainnig then stop. like i train for a month then forget, then train again. Since im an endomorph what should i do if i want to get smaller and lose more weight but still have muscle?

  52. I have read about the three types of body structures and all, but I still have some questions. one of them is : 1) Can a body be a mixture of the two or three body types mentioned? Does it require different type of training?
    (2) I am 177cm tall [5’9″] and weigh 155 lbs. My wrists are around 6.5 inch in circumference while my biceps are around 14 inch so basically almost small-boned. But I played collegiate and semi-professional soccer and was a middle distance runner [800-1500m] in high school, which has developed my legs to superb proportions while my upper body remains under-developed in comparison. So what body type do I fit in? it seems I am two different people fit together at the waist. [underdeveloped upper body with well-developed lower body].

  53. hi,

    im back again with some more questions. i appreciate the response to my previous question BUT unlike most women, I want to get stronger, build lots of muscle and burn as much fat as possible. Im not trying to look skinny by no means unlike most women.

    i blessed with being a meso, so i want to look the part. Strong and lean with lots of muscle mass.

    Now im an endo meso, probably more so a meso and i read that we’re suppose to do cardio 2/wk??? is that really enough if you want to burn the maximun amount of what?

    I do cardio 20 min 3/wk and my main focus is not the intensity. I try to work out at a steady pace of65-70% of my maximun heart.

    I also take gnc thermoburst to increase my energy/ fat burn.

    Do yo know if this supplement could help me as an endo meso. I sweat a whole lote more and it takes less time for my body the get warm when i take the supplement so im just assuming that it doing what its set out to do. are these supplements good to take on days when you lift weights also?

    ive also seen books about dieting according to you body type.
    do you know if these diets really work.

    I want to learn how to eat good for my body for LIFE, not just to achieve a swimsuit body 09

    i added my myspace page address so you can take a look of what im working with,

    if that’s of any interest.

    keep up the good work on this site!!!!

    have a great weekend

  54. Hello, I am an ectomorph, i would like you to give me a link or a book which emphasises the diet required and exercice for a foundation building my core body so that I can achieve a mesomorphic body type and that I can proceed to next level, I have been bodybuilding for the passed 3 years, I have gained around 3-4 kG of muscle.. but now I cannot gain anymore. I am 59 kg and I work very intense, perhaps I need to get back to basics to look at what I have missed out.

  55. I am a 16 year old boy. i think i am something between am endomorph an mesomorph. i have big muscles and good strength but i am not so ripped. i train very heavy with weights with which i can do 6-8 reps. the problem is that i dont gain much fat but cant lose my body fat either. help me plz. and yeah, i have been training for the past 6 months.

  56. A few years ago, i look like an ectomorph,BUT gain and lose weight easily.I’m not skinny either,could Ibe a combination of all.Does the somatotypes apply to teenagers wiht bodies still developing?

  57. I’m an ectomorph cause I’m skinny but I aint bonny either I guess beacause my bones aint thick for my body but I’ve been trying to build up

  58. Kaiser:
    If you’re already training with intensity the way you say, then it seems your training is just right. Hopefully you are utilizing compound exercises like squat, deadlift, overhead press, bench press, rows, and pull-ups.

    Next I would say the solution lies in your diet. You will need to cut down on calories just enough to start losing around 2-4 pounds a week. If you lose more than that, you are surely losing muscle. Read some of my diet articles for ideas on how to lose weight slowly, or how to lose weight quick. Obviously the quicker the weight comes off, the more likely it is to be a higher percentage of muscle than fat.

    One thing to keep in mind is this: unless you are using steroids or many very powerful anabolic supplements, you have to accept that you will lose a little bit of muscle when you are dieting… unless you take it real slow and try to only lose like 2 pounds a week for half a year or so.

    One more word of advice: if you do too much cardio you definitely risk losing muscle faster. Keep your 6-7 meals, keep the protein high, but decrease the calories.

  59. ive gained some muscles over the past 5 months but I still have a layer of fat that covers all my muscles. Im definetely an endo and I was wondering how can I get rid of all this fat without losing that much muscle?

    im currently weight training 3 days a week and also doing cardio 3 times a week, hiit training that is. I just started this so i really dont know if its going to work. Also i eat like 7 times a day, small meals. Should I hit the weights hard or is it better to do leaner weights, high reps? and is 3 times a week cardio enough?


  60. It sure does. Typically the only change I make to exercise and nutrition between males and females is this:

    Females usually require fewer calories and are usually trying to lose fat rather than anything else. Therefore I recommend fewer total calories.

    Females are usually trying to shape and tone rather than get big or strong. Therefore I recommend between 8-12 reps for most sets for females rather than 3-7 reps for males. However, don’t get me wrong, there is a time and a place for 3-7 rep training for females.

  61. i’m a mesomorph female so does the same diet and workouts apply for me as a women such as for a man?

  62. This article is quite helpful. I am going to be taking up jumping jacks, jump rope, and kickboxing as part of my cardio routine here on out. At 37 yers old and being 120lbs overweight, I realize that i have a endomorph and will eat and train like this from now on. Like my old trainer use to say, you are the cardio queen from now on!

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