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So I was out on the Interwebz looking around at strength training videos and your typical YouTube martial arts fights, and I got to thinking about how annoying the ads are and how much the video quality sucks. There are some cool channels like Muscle Madness and Strength Wars but ultimately most of the videos on the web are slow to load and often the quality makes them hard to sit through. Worst of all is when videos are taken down, leaving dead links and video embeds scattered around the web, including Project Swole best exercises. So where can we go to find a reliable, secure, white labeled video hosting service? The journey begins…

Fitness Videos

Introducing UScreen

So I stumbled on a pretty sweet video on demand service called UScreen that has a bunch of pretty interesting fitness themed video channels. Wanderlust seems to be one of the best in the fitness group. They have some great instructional videos for yoga and healthy cooking, among many others. These channels are great because I can use them over and over, and my embed links will always work!

This seems like a way better video service provider than YouTube or any of the other free services. Since UScreen is a VOD (video on demand) service, you can basically build your own video streaming service using the UScreen platform. It is way easier to monetize your content as well. Instead of YouTube keeping 45% of your ad revenue, you can set up a paid subscription service, PPV, video rentals, and you can easily link your assets to a variety of eCom providers.

Fitness Examples

When you get a chance check out some of these other great fitness themed properties served by UScreen:

If Project Swole could just start cranking out videos, we would probably use a service like UScreen to serve and brand our video channel, and probably help sell some merchandise. I haven’t seen a good “How-To” video channel for strength training lately, at least one not hosted by some YouTube meathead. Maybe someone from Project Swole, or someone who just sees this post in passing, will set up an account on UScreen and revolutionize the world of training videos. They do offer a free trial, so there’s really no risk in trying. If so, please be sure to pass the link along!

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