I want to tell you about a pretty cool new website today. If you’ve been hanging around the health and fitness website industry for a while now, you might remember HealthRanker, a health news social voting site, where popular articles are voted to prominence and end up on page 1. Well, HealthRanker was bought and destroyed a year or so ago, my attempts to make a clone called FitWire failed miserable, and now there is a new player on the scene.

Introducing FitMarker!

Allow me to introduce you to FitMarker. Started by two pretty sharp fitness bloggers Fit Jerk and JC, FitMarker is the new Digg of health news and popular fitness blogs. Not only can you go there to submit great fitness posts for voting, you can also submit your own guest posts, called Member Articles, to FitMarker for listing on the front page.

This site has yet to make the impact that it is destined to make. It is not yet available in the many social bookmarking plugins like ShareThis, AddThis, or any of the thousands of social bookmarking WordPress plugins, but no doubt it will be in time. If you feel particularly ambitious, help them out by telling your favorite social bookmarking aggregator that you want them to include FitMarker.

Regardless, you can still place widgets on your site to allow your visitors to submit content to FitMarker, and bookmarklets are available for placement on your browser toolbar so that you can easily submit great content when you find it online. Find those gadgets on FitMarker’s toolbox page.

So that’s it. Go to FitMarker, register a profile for yourself, and vote all Project Swole content to the top!

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