8 Tips for Bodybuilders to Look Great on Stage

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The prep is completed, and the hard work is done. The last twelve to sixteen weeks of your prep have been tough, but you can congratulate yourself for making it this far. The final stage of your preparation is like the icing on the cake of your physique. These eight tips will ensure that you make the most out of your time under the stage lights and the watchful eyes of the judges.

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#1 Practice Posing

Posing is not just some easy-to-learn technique that can be mastered in the last few days before you step on stage. You should be posing at least two to three times a week. Get yourself a partner that can critique your posing and help you with adjustments to your posture and stance.

#2 Smile Whenever Possible

The judges want to see your pearly whites on stage. Nobody wants to stare at a contestant that is frowning all the time. Practice smiling in the mirror and smile whenever you get the chance. Being happy lowers cortisol levels and helps you in your final week of prep.

#3 Get a Real Tan

Sure, you can get a spray tan before you hit the stage. However, a real tan will provide you with a basecoat that creates more of an impact under the stage lights. Try to do ten to twelve sessions three days apart before contest day.

#4 Go for Hair Removal

Unsightly hairlines can cost you a top placement. To increase your chances of winning you need to be hair-free. Under the lights, everything is exposed, and judges will notice unshaved hairlines. Spare yourself the time and energy of shaving and book a hair removal treatment with Dore Aesthetics at https://www.dore.sg/hair-removal/

#5 Choose the Perfect Posing Suit or Trunks

Your posing suit should enhance your physique and your skin tone. Choose a pair of trunks that do not distract from your final presentation.

#6 Get Your Water Right

Cutting water in the final few days before a contest is a refined process that varies from athlete to athlete and coach to coach. Make sure that you follow your dehydration and rehydration protocols to the letter.

Many a competitor has lost in the final stretch because they couldn’t get their cut right. Hire a coach to help you through the process and ensure the best chance of paper thin skin with no subcutaneous water puffing away your definition.

#7 Pump Up, Don’t Work Out

When the day has arrived and it’s time to pump up and hit the stage, make sure that you don’t overdo it. Being over excited and pumping up too hard can take away from your energy levels. In your dehydrated and calorie deprived state, you may struggle to focus on your posing routine if you pump up too much and demand too much of your nervous system.

#8 There’s Always Another Show

Regardless if you win or lose, there will always be another show. If you managed to win your debut show, then you have set the bar high and need to keep working to improve. The competition will always be hungry and willing to do whatever it takes to beat you.

If you lose or place low at your show; at least you have insight into how you stack up against the field of competitors. The experience will give you ideas for the improvements you need to make to progress and place better next time.

The Final Call

The life of a competitive bodybuilder requires discipline, direction, purpose, and dedication. There is no time for second-guessing your plan when you are a week out from your show. Keep these eight tips in mind during the final days of your contest prep and improve your chances of placing well at your show.

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