5 Easy Ways to Have a Strong Upper Body

Many people who hit the gym tend to concentrate more on the lower body exercises and the body parts with muscles that tend to bulge easily, and they can end up forgetting about the back and shoulder exercises.

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You should know that working out your upper body is very important if you want to maintain an all-round fit body. Being well rounded and robust from your back, shoulders and the rest of your body gives you a good posture and an excellent body shape.

Here are five of the easiest exercises to engage your upper body. As a bonus, these exercises will also engage other muscles in your body:  

1. The traditional push-ups.

Well, if you are wondering what equipment to use to tone your shoulders, arms, and chest, well here is an idea; start with push-ups! Push-ups have been applied in the training sessions since long ago, and it is a proven method that will work great for you.  So what’s the best way to do your push-ups?

The positioning of your body during push-ups is very crucial. Get into a plank position, and have your palms down, and with your arms being shoulder-width apart. Make sure you balance your body on your feet’s balls and maintain your body in a straight line while lowering your chest to about 2 inches from the ground. Repeat the process by going back to the start position.

2. Make use of the rowing machines.

Rowing machines are known to perform best cardio exercises at the gyms. They are great for toning and training all important muscles in your body. The great thing about rowing machines is that whether you prefer being outdoors or indoors, the posture remains the same and you can adjust the resistance settings to what suits you best according to your goals or your stamina. You can check on Perfect Rower to find the varieties of best rowing machines in the market.

3. The bicep curl

Bicep Curls keep your exercises simple but very productive, and it is the ideal way to tone the top your upper arm. All the that you require is a set of dumbbells. For bicep curls, stand with your feet being about a shoulder-width apart and holding your dumbbells, have your palms facing forward. Your shoulders should remain at the back, and your elbows should be close to your sides while you curl your forearms up towards your upper arm. Your arms should squeeze your biceps before moving them back slowly to the start position.

4. Shoulder cycles

Shoulder Cycles are great for strengthening your shoulders and backbone too. Hold heavy dumbbells that feel comfortable for you with both hands above your head, with your elbows bent, and make sure your upper arms get aligned with your ears. Maintain your elbows at a stationary position then extend the forearm straight up such that your arms are straight above your head. Bend your elbows back to the start position, and if it is too easy, you can double the dumbbells.

5. Modified planks

You can perform Modified Planks anywhere and at any time, and it helps to build the strength of the upper body, the arms, and core. How to perform the modified planks? Easy, Get on your hands and knees on the floor then walk your hands forward such that they are beneath your shoulders and till you are balancing on your toes. Make sure that you maintain a straight line from your head to your toes while you tighten the stomach muscles then hold for 15 seconds, and release.



Upper body exercises are just as important as any other body exercises, and you should not neglect them in your exercise routine. The above exercise tips are easy and will help you achieve that well-toned body that everyone craves. Keep the exercises simple and commit to them and you will achieve excellent results!


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