The Taylor Lautner Workout for Twilight: Eclipse

The Taylor Lautner Workout

Here we go again! The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is coming out at the end of the month – June 30th if I’m not mistaken, so it is time to examine the developments in the physique of our buddy Taylor Lautner for this, the third installment of the Twilight Saga.

How Taylor Got Swole

Taylor Lautner Eclipse
Taylor Lautner in Eclipse

A year ago I wrote a piece on Taylor Lautner’s Twilight workout, the training routine he used to gain 30 lbs of muscle in 9 months. That post led to Werewolf Training for Muscle Gains, the most popular workout routine to date on Project Swole, and Werewolf Training for Strength Gains, a less popular but yet effective strength building routine.

I think there’s somewhere around 800 comments on the Muscle Gains post now, with people reporting gains of anywhere from 5 lbs in a month, to 20 lbs in 3 months.

Gaining Another 10 lbs of Muscle

So apparently Taylor was supposed to gain 10 more lbs of muscle for his role in Twilight Eclipse. Did he pull it off? Judging by some of the pictures I’ve seen so far, I would believe he gained an additional 5-10 lb of muscle.

Of course by this time I would expect him to have hit a plateau of some sort, after all no one can keep gaining 3-4 lbs of muscle a month indefinitely. At some point the gains will slow down and he’ll have to completely change up his strategy.

To gain an additional 10 lbs of muscle and maintain the bulk, Taylor still has to eat and train like a werewolf everyday. Somehow he continues to stay ripped, sporting those famous 8-pack abs, yet he eats thousands upon thousands of calories each day just to avoid losing weight.

Taylor continues to praise the benefits used in Werewolf Training, including the following principles:

  • constantly varying exercises
  • constantly varying the number of reps and sets
  • an upper/lower body split
  • training with bands
  • taking every 3rd day off
  • eating to grow
  • minimizing cardio

Go Team Jacob!

For Eclipse, Taylor again may have used a routine like Werewolf Training for Muscle Gains, which resembles the routine he used to gain 30 lbs of muscle for Twilight: New Moon, or he may have switched to a full body workout routine. I’ll keep my eyes open for any top secret information in any of Taylor’s interviews for the upcoming flick and let you know.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

I am going to check out the movie when it comes out at the end of June, especially since I have no less than two fan-girls living with me.

Have you seen Twilight Eclipse? Leave a comment to let us know what you think of the movie.

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11 Responses to “The Taylor Lautner Workout for Twilight: Eclipse”

  1. Taylor’s body looks great to me 5-10lb. weight gain or not. I enjoyed New Moon and Eclipse. New Moon when we first see the wolves, whom j’adore and Eclipse cause they kick the Newborns’ @#$*()_!,LOL Die Vitoria, Die! Can’;t wait to see BD. I hope Jake gets a lot of Bella-me-time. I like them together. Jake is warmer-literally and figuratively. I think Taylor is a better actor. When he looks at Bella, I feel the love; with Edward not so much. Team Jacob all the way baby.

  2. hi taylor you are the best and i hope you win bella in the breaking dawn . because you deserve it

  3. Very strange but I look the same as Taylor Lautner, by face and everything, and constitution 🙂 I don’t have 8 pack though… but I’ll get them 1 day 🙂

  4. I thought it was better than the previous two. It had a balance between the romance and violence that overall made it more entertaining for a broader range of audiences.
    Anyway, Taylor looked jacked in this movie, but do you think that he gained more than 10 lbs?

    • He might have gained another 5 pounds or so. Not sure that he necessarily looks significantly bigger, but maybe slightly bigger. I still have to say I liked New Moon best.

  5. I have officially seen this movie. It was good but not as good as New Moon. Now I’ll get excited for Breaking Dawn in 2011!

  6. I have not seen the movie or read the books, but I know he is competing with a vampire for some girl’s love. I want Taylor to win her because he’s swole 🙂

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