5 Hollywood Tough Guy Workout Clips

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Check out these 5 Hollywood Tough Guy Workout Clips from your favorite action stars. The Rock, Stallone, Cena, and Statham all make a brief appearance. Hear from the tough guys themselves about how they prepare for their jobs through training. This post was inspired by some workout video clips I saw this morning over at Body Muscle Gain.

  1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

    He’s lost weight and cut up since his football and wrasslin days, but I’ll be damned if The Rock is not still a beefcake and strong to boot.

  2. Sylvester Stallone

    Keeping it real at age 62. I don’t fault Stallone for focusing on staying shredded, but he’s still pretty damned big for his age.

  3. John Cena

    Now here’s a real workout. John Cena trains really fricken heavy. He does squats, deadlifts, bench presses, pull ups, and he trains with bands and chains. Wanna be as big as John Cena? Then train with some real intensity!

  4. Jason Statham

    Statham focuses more on performance and endurance, than strength and size.

  5. Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Finally, no list is complete without a vintage Schwarzenegger training video.

I also saw a video of 50 Cent training for some photo shoot or something. His trainer was talking about training 7 hours a day, so I immediately stopped the video and moved on to something worthwhile. What a joke.

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9 Responses to “5 Hollywood Tough Guy Workout Clips”

  1. Why does look as though some of the guys there are cheating the weights? For example, I thought you weren’t supposed to be rocking your body, especially front lateral raises. I don’t know.

  2. I recently read an article about Dwayne Johnson’s exercise program, Its really hard to maintain his condition with just 45 minutes of workout, When i see this video i think 45 minutes of this exercise is more than enough…:)


  3. Dwayne using straps for 315lbs shrug…. doing forced/half reps for DB shoulder press at 85lbs..
    I’m half his size and putting up the same.
    Ectomorph… not a good look

    • Yeah I laughed a bit at the shrugs too. I mean I use straps for barbell shrugs too, but that’s because there’s usually 12 or so plates on the bar and I just can’t hold 650 with a pronated grip for very long.

  4. I think the 50Cent workout you’re referring to was when he dropped masses of weight for a part in a film as an NFL player who became ill. emaciated cent comes to mind!
    p.s couldn’t get The Rocks video on??

  5. That Arnold video is crazy. That’s my first time watching any compilation of his videos. His back was amazing. Well, his whole body was, but I was shocked at his back with that video. Thanks Steve!

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