The Muscle Building Effects Of Steroid Use: Pros and Cons

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Steroid BenefitsFor years athletes, movie stars, and gym rats have been falling in love with performance enhancing products to get stronger, faster, or bigger. Bodybuilders in particular love the kinds of results that these products provide them with but there are some serious drawbacks to prohormones, which usually forces people to turn to real anabolic steroids.

Most people who want to build serious muscle mass often resort to using such oral or injectable steroid products as testosterone, trenbolone, anadrol, anavar, winstrol etc. If you’re interested cycling these types of substances, you’re going to want to finish this article. Going into a cycle without proper knowledge wastes money, time, and can make you really sick.

The Pros and Cons

Please note that all of the products discussed in this article and more, can be found at one of the better online resourced based on online reviews and word of mouth. The SteroidsFax anabolic steroid website is one of the best places to get these products, but be careful as most steroids are not legal in many countries. Check your country’s laws and postal restrictions to find out more.


Protein synthesis is the number one thing that’s affected positively as a result of using something like human growth hormone. This process is what gives you the ability to grow new fibers. When this mechanism is enhanced by taking carefully administered doses of prohormones, your muscle-building capabilities are improved dramatically.

Getting rid of unwanted fat is another one of the biggest reasons as to why people decide to use certain peptides. Anabolic hormones have shown themselves to be incredibly effective when it comes to speeding up your metabolic rate. When your metabolic activity is vastly increased, your body can burn through the fat in no time.

Both of these developments are ideal for gains. The protein synthesis process is advanced and so is your metabolism. This equals an increase in muscle mass. The fat isn’t given the chance to develop. In other words, you can pack on a remarkable amount of muscle without having to worry about gaining a ton of fat in the process.

The beneficial effects of muscle enhancing products, such as test cypionate, have been found to be a great starting supplement for newbies. You’ll experience the advantages discussed above within a matter of weeks!


Having said all of that, users may also endure some adverse reactions. Since the popularity of these products have risen in recent years, so has the amount of users who abuse them. People get too carried away with the outcomes of improvements in muscle and they end up overdosing – Nothing good can come of this.

When it comes to commonly used prohormones, like testosterone enanthate, there tends to be a cut-off point. Just because you’re taking more of the hormone, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be gaining more muscle.

Disorders concerning the kidneys and the heart are amongst the most prevalent drawbacks. Muscle enriching items have the potential to increase the bad cholesterol whilst reducing the good cholesterol; heart disorders are inevitable if the steroid abuse continues.

The kidneys act as a filter for any of the waste products found in the blood. This filtration structure can be disrupted which leads to a number of toxicities within the body given the chance to run rampant. Prohormones can cause your blood pressure to become too high – This is one of the main contributors towards the kidneys failing to do their jobs.

Your bodily hormone production changes when you use a cycle of steroids or any hormone-based or hormone-precursor product. It is IMPERATIVE that you learn about and use post cycle therapy, or PCT, to come off your anabolic cycle. PCT products include Arimidex, Nolvadex, and Clomid. Do NOT start an anabolic cycle without first having your PCT cycle planned out, and products on hand.

Final Verdict

Overall, there’s no denying the fact that adding muscle with the help of performance enhancing items produces some outstanding developments. Gaining the amount of muscle that would otherwise only be possible during an entire year can be done within the space of months, is what drives athletes and bodybuilders to look for anabolic steroids.

I believe it’s just as necessary to be aware of some of the cons that may appear when you’re trying to make muscle gains with the help of prohormones, however is it difficult to say whether or not you’ll experience the negative effects for certain since everyone reacts differently. However, the more careful you are with your doses and the more you pay attention to how your body’s responding, the better chance you’ll have of only encountering the benefits.


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