How to Select the Best Testosterone Support Product

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What is Testosterone Support or a “Testo Booster”?

Testosterone was ‘discovered’ by Dr. Charles Brown-Sequard in 1889, but it wasn’t actually named until 1935. The scientists involved, Ruzicka and Butenandt, won a Nobel Prize that same year for making the hormone suitable for commercial use. 7

Women Swooning

Men experience a natural decline in the amount of testosterone produced by our bodies over time. Hypogonadism is the term which indicates that a man is producing either a low amount of or no testosterone. This is obviously significant in a number of ways, since the hormone plays a key role in sexual libido, muscle and bone development, immune system functioning, and red blood cell reproduction, among other things. 3 As you get older you may notice a decline in your sex drive, a decrease in your muscle strength, and a shortage of energy. 11

One possibility for dealing with these symptoms is testosterone therapy. This involves administering testosterone directly, for example, via a gel or powder. 11 However, there’s solid research showing that men over 65 who use testosterone gel have a higher risk of developing heart disease. 1 A 2014 study using rats showed that testosterone therapy can have a negative impact on the prostate. 2 There are other known potential symptoms of this type of supplementation including sleep apnea, acne, breast swelling, and high red blood cell count. 3

Given these risks, you may want to consider an alternative, which is a Testo Booster. These testosterone support products are made of natural ingredients, and they’re supposed to have significantly fewer side effects than testosterone therapy. Instead of administering additional testosterone directly, these products have ingredients which naturally initiate the production of the hormone in your body. These products are administered via powder or supplement, and they are over-the-counter products which are sold primarily online.

What’s in a Testosterone Support Product?

The ingredients in testosterone supplements are natural and include plant extracts, herbs, and minerals required by the body, like Zinc. Overall, these products are supposed to boost your levels of testosterone naturally. They should also increase the size and strength of your muscles, elevate your sex drive, and give you added energy. Here are the top 3 most popular ingredients included in testosterone boosters. All three of these ingredients are found in HexoFire Labs’ product “Delta Prime”. According to many Delta Prime reviews, the ingredients are potent and provide the desired results.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto, or serenoa repen, is a tree that grows throughout the southeastern United States. Some studies have found that it’s an effective treatment for urinary difficulties associated with prostate issues like benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and is used worldwide as a remedy for this condition. 5 There’s also some evidence that it’s a useful treatment for erectile dysfunction, because it may be able to increase levels of testosterone. In the words of Swiss Urologist and researcher Dr. Eugen Riedi, MD, “This is one of the first therapies ever to show an improvement of BPH symptoms and of sexual dysfunctions at the same time.” 10

Stinging Nettle

The stinging nettle plant, or Urtica dioica, has been used for medical purposes since the middle ages, mostly as a diuretic and to treat joint pain, gout, arthritis, and several other conditions. The leaves and stems are supposed to be made up of a substance which is an effective pain killer. Like Saw Palmetto, it’s considered to be a useful treatment for urinary difficulties associated with BPH. Stinging nettle is composed of chemicals and hormones, including estrogen and testosterone. 8


Zinc is essential for the human body, although we don’t produce it ourselves. We acquire the majority from different foods, such as beef, lentils, cheese, and many nuts. This mineral plays an important role in immune system functioning, cell division, and the absorption of nutrients, among other things. 4 If you have a deficiency in zinc it can damage your bones, and it may also lead to hypogonadism. Some studies have indicated that zinc does increase testosterone levels in men. 9

Are Testo Boosters Safe?

Testosterone boosters are made out of completely natural ingredients such as plant extracts, herbs, vitamins, mineral, and substances derived from Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. For this reason, they’re a lot safer than prescription medications. Prescription testosterone medications, as previously mentioned, have numerous potential side effects and risks which can seriously affect your health.

Having said that, the quality of testosterone supplements can vary widely, so you should research the manufacturer and the product to make sure that they’re reputable. Compare competing products in terms of quality, ingredients, and price before you make your purchase.

How Much Do They Cost?

The prices for these testosterone boosters vary widely, depending on several factors. An inexpensively priced supplement may contain inferior ingredients, or substances that are less potent than a higher priced bottle. A reputable company will put the supplements and their ingredients through rigorous testing before they put the product on the market, and naturally that will raise the price.

When it comes to testo boosters, many users argue that you get more value if you choose a higher priced supplement. This is an important point when it comes to a product that you’re going to put into your body. Sites often offer special deals and discount prices, so make sure you look around for the best product at the best price.

Where to Buy Testo Products

Testo products are available in some brick and mortar retail stores. However, without question the best place to purchase a testosterone booster is online. There are so many different options available, and you can compare them easily on a number of different parameters. The reviews are almost always very helpful in ascertaining both the strengths and the weaknesses of each supplement. When you order products online, you often have the added benefit of signing up for a monthly subscription, where the product is sent to you automatically every month and charged to your credit card. That way you never have to remember to reorder or pay a bill. This service adds a lot of convenience to the process of taking testosterone boosting supplements.


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