Gain Muscle by Increasing Nutrient Utilization: These 3 Supplements Work

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While navigating a fitness website or browsing through a fitness supplement store, you may notice various muscle building supplements. You may wonder whether any of these 10,000 products really work to build quality muscles and enhance strength, or will they merely flush into the toilet? The answer is both yes and no.

The answer is ‘No’ for people who do not have patience and want fast results while they opt for an unhealthy approach. However, the answer is ‘Yes’ for people who go for the right kind of supplement, use proper exercises and diet, and wait for weeks or sometimes months to see the result.

Fortunately, you have a couple of good supplements which guarantee good results. These supplements for fast muscle growth can deliver the desired result within a short span of time. These include Whey Protein, Nitric Oxide and Creatine. Which happens to be the right choice for you?

Have a look in detail about the three supplements given below:

  1. Whey Protein Powders and Shakes

    Protein Powder
    Get Protein!

    These happen to be the most popular form of protein around for bodybuilders. They are popular since they are inexpensive and fast in action. You will find them dissolved within half an hour and the amino acid nutrients go to work immediately helping to rebuild your muscles. To get the best result, use whey protein shakes throughout the day – especially in the morning and before a workout – and use a specially formulated post-workout recovery shake immediately after a workout.

    The Whey protein powder used not only acts as a great source of protein for your diet, but also gives you incredible fast result. It is easy to digest and within an hour after exercise, your muscles will begin rebuilding through protein synthesis. This also allows you to stay pumped up and avoid overtraining, all the while muscle damage is being repaired.

  2. Creatine

    Creatine Kre-Alkalyn
    Get Creatine!

    This is another fast and efficient muscle growth supplement that occurs naturally in your body. It works in a dual way; it not only caters your muscle with more energy to exercise but also packs on more muscle mass.

    When you see your muscles moving they use ATP (a molecule which is used for cellular energy storage). Once ATP is used it is converted into ADP. There is phosphate present in the Creatine, which when it comes in touch with the ADP, it transforms back to ATP.

    More ATP, means more energy, stamina, and strength, especially when done with long and rigorous repetitions. Moreover, Creatine has the property of carrying additional water, which is stored in your muscles, helping it to draw more nutrients including glucose and proteins. This therefore gives additional growth to your body every week.

    For best results, use Creatine both 20 minutes before and immediately after a workout.

  3. Nitric Oxide

    N.O. Xplode
    Get Nitric Oxide!

    It can be called as a naturally occurring molecule in your body. It plays a role in relaxing and dilating your arteries and blood vessels. When your blood vessels find such state, your body allows more nutrients to move within the entire area.

    When naturally occurring Nitric Oxide would normally be used up, Nitric Oxide supplements enable your blood vessels to maintain a relaxed and dilated state. More blood flow, means more nutrients moving around in your body. Most people feel enhanced pumps, and they experience strength and endurance gains from using N.O. Xplode, all of which directly lead to increased muscle mass.

    The best Nitric Oxide product I’ve found, is N.O. Xplode by BSN. For best results, consume this supplement about half an hour before your workout.

Finally, with human beings consuming more processed food, the best way to get your body the nutrients is through the supplements listed above. The use of supplements will ensure that your muscles in your body experience the desired growth. However, in the market there are many high cost supplements that cannot be affordable to everyone. And for those younger athletes whose parenting dictates which supplements they may and may not use: protein powder, creatine, and nitric oxide are three supplements that don’t pose much of a threat to your (their) wallet or your health.

At such a juncture people often rely on some affordable supplements. Luckily the above three supplements discussed in nutshell happens to be pretty affordable and moreover offers you a good result. All you need to do is use them properly, work hard with patience and wit, just wait and watch your dream body develop. Heck you might even end up getting a discount on your medical insurance for your supreme levels of fitness!

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8 Responses to “Gain Muscle by Increasing Nutrient Utilization: These 3 Supplements Work”

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  3. Hey i love creatine and have been using it for years. One thing i never bought was taking creatine on off days, since most research shows that what ever creatine your body doesnt use is just pissed out, i only take it before my workouts. I feel its just a scam from the creatine companies in order to get you to buy more creatine. What are your feelings on taking creatine on off days from working out?

    • Back in the day I believed in loading and taking creatine every day. These days I don’t believe in loading at all. On off days you should take at least 1/2 of what you normally take on workout days.

  4. First of all thanks for this great article I really like it. I only use one of those 3 supplements I use Whey Protein Shake and it already helped me a lot, but I don’t know when I should use the other 2 I workout now for like 1 year maybe 1.5 year I think. Any tips?

    • Creatine is good anytime you are training. N.O. Xplode is best when you are focusing on muscle gains. With 12-18 months experience, you can use these supplements now.

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