What Will The 2024-2025 Season Look Like for the Cowboys After the Wildcard Loss to Green Bay?

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One thing that must be said about sports fans: they love their teams through thick and thin. A few losing streaks are usually not enough for them to abandon their favorite team and begin wearing the jerseys of their competitors. This is more true than ever when mentioning the Dallas Cowboys.

Even though their loss to Green Bay has led to the demise of a Super Bowl LVIII run in 2023/2024, fans will certainly be looking towards the future next year.

Success and Super Bowl Championships

The Dallas Cowboys have made a great showing, having won the Super Bowl five times. They made the run eight times and lost three of those outings.

The Dallas Cowboys won their first Super Bowl in 1971 (Super Bowl VI), followed by wins in 1977, (Super Bowl XII), and again three times in the 1990s (Super Bowls XXVII, XXVIII, and XXX). This is according to SportsKeeda.com. The last Super Bowl win for the Cowboys was in the 1995 season. It was also the last time the Cowboys appeared in the Super Bowl. In this game, which was played at Sun Devil Stadium in Arizona, they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 27 to 17.

And now, fans wait for just one more opportunity to bring the trophy to the enthusiastic fans.

Picking Up the Pieces After Loss to Green Bay

According to BleacherReport.com, the Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones was broken after the Cowboys were swept by the Green Bay Packers in their Wild Card Round game. They lost by a score of 48 to 32. Some feel that this could put Coach Mike McCarthy’s job on the cutting block, but Jones failed to comment on his fate. The previous coach, Jason Garrett, sat idle back in 2019 while awaiting news of whether he would get his contract extended. During this time, the team interviewed McCarthy and hired him, before sacking Jason Garrett. This could have been handled more professionally.

As for McCarthy, he may already be packing his bags, in anticipation of being replaced, like so many other coaches who are now looking for new jobs.

Passionate Fans Urge for Changes

Sports fans are known for their passion for their favorite sports teams, no matter what sport it is. Fans are often passionate about their favorite teams and react when their team doesn’t win. One rabid fan went viral on Instagram when he broke his TV after the Green Bay Packers won, according to MSN. Others write lengthy analyses of what is going wrong and what is going right, like this article posted by Dr. Ian Weisberg defines.

Final Thoughts

It will be interesting to see what changes will be made to the management, coaching staff, and players during this off-season. No matter what changes are made to the team in the off-season, all fans agree they are ready to have another Super Bowl Trophy grace their city and hope the next year will bring it home.

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