Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips for Sports Clubs

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digital marketing tips for sports clubs

You may have many reasons to invest in digital marketing tips for sports clubs, but brand awareness is probably the most exciting. Around 86% of all businesses discovered that more people knew about their brand after investing in digital marketing. 

If you run a sports club or organization, online marketing will help, but what does that mean in reality?

Here are our five top digital marketing tips to ensure you get your sports business noticed online to provide some helpful guidance.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is arguably one of the best digital marketing tips for sports clubs, and mastering SEO isn’t as hard as you might think. The trick to using SEO for marketing is to have a clear idea about your target customer first. 

Next, start researching keywords to help match the terms your audience types into Google.

Remember to include your location (e.g., sports club membership near + location), as this will be a common search phrase for sports clubs. Now it’s time to start creating content!

These experts will be able to provide more digital marketing advice on how to get started with SEO-friendly content. 

2. PPC Ad Campaign 

The quickest way to reach a vast and highly targeted audience is using paid advertising. 

After setting your audience requirements, you only pay once someone clicks on your ad. That means you can adjust the campaign to fit your budget and stop it whenever you need. 

The best PPC ad platforms on the market include Google, Bing, Facebook, and Instagram. You might want to consider using campaign management software to help manage your campaigns.

If you aren’t familiar with advertising, it takes a bit of trial and error to optimize a campaign and find an ad that converts well. It’s always worth considering hiring paid ad specialists if any of that is unfamiliar to you.

3. Social Media Contest 

Improving your presence on social media is a great way to run future marketing campaigns to a large audience for free. If your social media following for your sports club is small, why not run an online competition? 

You could ask your followers to send in videos or images of them doing their favorite sport and ask them to share them with your club and their friends. A successful contest will help spread the word about your sports club and attract more followers to your business.

You could also try paid ad advertising if you want to amplify that content. Promote your contest in the ad or hire a local sports celebrity to promote it on their social media account. 

4. Build a Partnership

Do you know another sports brand online with whom you could join forces? Partnerships are a proven way to promote your brand to a bigger audience.

Try and choose a brand that offers a related service to the same customer as you without being a direct competitor. For example, you could partner with a sports clothing store. 

5. Start a Referral Scheme 

Lastly, why not create an online referral scheme? This is one of the most frequently overlooked digital marketing tips for sports clubs that can actually be a huge benefit to your online presence.

Provide customers with a unique referral link, and reward them with money off your club fees each time they refer a brand new client to your business by sharing that link via email or social media. 

The more you grow, the more effective a referral scheme will be for you. 

Final Thoughts

Online marketing doesn’t have to be overly complicated or elaborate. Use these five straightforward digital marketing tips for sports clubs to boost your sports business and attract more customers. 

We hope you enjoyed this digital marketing guide for sports clubs. We also have some helpful fitness tips for your sports club. Head to our workout routines section now for more information. 

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