Making a Meme: How to Create Your Own Fitness GIF

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If you go on to the internet right now, you’ll find loads of comical pictures and videos about so many different things. In the fitness community, many content developers are making a meme about exercises performed wrong, silly workout outfits, or even serious memes like a max effort PR attempt. Some general memes cover politics, others cover social attitudes, and some are dramatic like the infamous Will Smith slap.

woman making a meme about planks

Making a meme or a GIF is fairly simple, especially when you have the right software or apps to aid you in this process. There are several ways you can go about making your own gif or meme. But what are a GIF and a Meme? What are the differences?

Here is a quick guide to these two popular aspects of social media and the internet at large, and how you can make them yourself.

Understanding GIF vs Meme

A GIF, or graphical interchange format, is a kind of file that was created in 1987 as a way to compress images without compromising them by way of data loss. They are often moving pictures that capture a moment in a larger video.

Memes meanwhile are static images of pictures with writing that are funny but often laced with political or social commentary. Originally, the term was coined by Dr. Robert Hawkins to denote how ideas, behavior, or styles spread between people in a culture.

It has come a long way since its humble beginnings; GIFs can now be found all over the internet and have even spawned subcultures from it. When making a meme nowadays GIFs have become the standard.

GIFs are integral to modern internet culture, and everything and everyone are fair game to become a resource for GIF creation. From Spongebob to Pepe the Frog and even President Joe Biden have been used as material for GIFs.

Using a Still Image

You can start by using any number of infinite images on the internet or even opt for custom images that you may have personally. Memes started with still photos overlayed with some comment or funny caption.

You can use apps like Paint on your computer to do simple editing to add words to the picture. You can also use Photoshop if you’re subscribed or even mobile apps like GIPHY to build your memes. You can even create your own meme using a clever Adobe app.

Aside from text, you can also add personal filters and other features to make it your own.

Using a Video

You can make video to gif conversions and it works in much of the same way as memes. It’s better to use an app created for making animated GIFs such as GIPHY, Kapwing, or other minor apps.

From there, you upload your video and do the same editing as creating the meme.

The Ins and Outs of Making a Meme

Making a meme is a simple and fun process. Not only are you able to make funny pictures out of the most random of things found on the internet, but you are also giving life to an idea uniquely and comically your own.

The world deserves to see how hilarious your content can be whether GIF or meme, and you can be the one to give it to them. Before you know it, your custom images might go viral. Give the world what it deserves today.

Final Thoughts

For other articles like this one on how you can contribute to the fitness community and social media to expand your online presence, grow your fitness business, or get extra motivation to exercise, be sure to visit our social networking topics for even more helpful content.

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