Why Kayla in the City is an Amazing Fitness Blog

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Kayla in the City is an Amazing Fitness Blog

Blogging is a new motivation. From food and restaurant inspirations to gaining that dire motivation that people need to step up the treadmill, people look up to blogs on social media and deliberately make changes in their lives. One blog, in particular, Kayla in the City, is an amazing fitness blog. Want to know why?

Whether you are at the start of your fitness journey or need the motivation to continue, want to discover great books, and restaurants, or need some lifestyle inspiration, you can surely find it on this amazing blog “Kayla in the City”. Its content is enlightening, inspiring, enchanting, and empowering. Let’s take a look at Kayla and all that she does.

Who is Kayla Kleinman?

Kayla Kleinman is a fitness enthusiast living in New York, a yoga teacher, and a Bar Method instructor. Kayla is the creator of Kayla in the City, a lifestyle blog (featured in Vogue!), You can find her on Instagram or in her yoga pants, running in a Marathon, in search of Starbucks and Sweetgreen.

Kayla Kleinman is zen

She has been a yoga teacher in the fitness industry for about 8 years and has also worked in marketing for a number of fitness startups. She graduated from NYU / Tisch with a BFA in theater. Although acting and theater have always been her passion, right after college she knew she wanted to transfer her love of performing and acting into the world of fitness.

Since then, she has been a NASM-certified personal trainer, an AFAA-certified group fitness instructor, trained as a 200-hour yoga teacher, and more recently a certified Method Bar instructor. Sports changed her life. In college, she really struggled with anxiety and stress because of the intense nature of her theater program. She started going to the gym to get rid of stress. She became completely involved and started her own blog called “Kayla in the City”, at that time to share her love of fitness.

Currently, she teaches 16 hours of fitness a week in New York City, a mix of high-energy yoga classes at Y7 Studios and bar classes at The Bar Method in Noho.

What is Kayla in the City?

Launched nearly eleven years ago, Kayla’s blogosphere is a minimal white, grey, and light blue design to make health easy and accessible. Her blog is a fun place to find your new favorites. Kayla in the City is a lifestyle blog for millennial women. Kayla inspires you, to shamelessly and truly be who you are. In her blog, you can discover books, restaurants, fitness classes, and the products that you love, as well as the information about her life that help her reach a balance between fitness training and blog.

Kayla’s blog is your go-to spot for all kinds of motivation, whether you want to kick start your fitness journey, want to hear her stance on not having kids, or, need inspiration for your next month’s read, want product reviews, need any beauty advises, or want the recommendation for the best yoga pants (seriously, she tells you that), Kayla in the city sums it all for you.

Kayla’s writing and captions go hand in hand with some of her best emotive shots, which allows her to realize how well she has run in so many marathons in recent years (Ten, seriously!).

How Kayla Eats and Trains

Of course, we expect someone like Kayla to watch what she eats, and her recipe page reflects that concern. Kayla tags and categorizes postings, so it only takes a short time for readers to select some tags to make navigation easier. Whether you click on “Switch to Music” or “Training Without Equipment,” you will be introduced to a personal training routine, winter or not. Kayla’s general energy and natural passion for fitness will do much to encourage many readers to do the same.

Although Kayla is a certified trainer, she has always favored the energy and community fitness of a group. She currently attends 5-6 barres a week and at least 1 hour of yoga per week at The Bar Method. This suits her the best. Her blog depicts her love for yoga, fitness, and her keen interest in the bar method.

Kayla’s blog doesn’t focus on cardio, she prefers strength training rather than cardio. Kayla is a true fitness bag; she can be seen wearing sticky watch socks and face paper tissues for refreshments after warm yoga.

Navigating through Kayla in the city isn’t difficult at all.  Other than home, about, coaching, zoom yoga, book club, and contact methods, as one would expect, Kayla also has sub-sections that include lifestyle, fitness, wellness, and career. These give an insight into all the activities that she’s been indulged in lately.

Kayla is an Inspirational figure

Kayla’s Insta gives great fitness motivation. Her picture in yoga pants inspires us all to go to the gym, male and female alike. She has spent immense time teaching in fitness studios that her flawless body looks extremely flexible.

Kayla doesn’t stress any specific exercise she always recommends choosing your own favorite way to move. Neither does she label any food as “junk food”. She believes in eating everything in the right portion. In her blog, clad in her yoga pants she can also be seen enjoying a cake.

When she’s not teaching, blogging, swimming, or tweeting, you can see Kayla reading an amazing book or walking around Manhattan and listening to a podcast while sipping ice soy and vanilla latte.

Final Thoughts

Kayla is a multi-passionate woman. Her lifestyle blog “Kayla in the City” caters to all her activities and inspires the people around her. In addition to her passion for blogging, she loves reading, yoga, fitness, cooking, and teaching.

As an all-arounder, she maintains her blog with all the activities that she indulges in. Kayla’s blog has an amazing color scheme and a classic background that fills the whole online platform with an energetic vibe. Kayla in the City shows the fun side of workout, and exercise. Her “what I read” and “favorite things” sections keep the audience hooked and make her blog more interesting. Kayla in the city is truly an amazing blog to follow. 


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