Hardcore Circuit Training for Men

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Hardcore Circuit Training for Men (and Women)

Hardcore Circuit Training for Men
Hardcore Circuit Training for Men

Chohwora Udu & Jim McHale are the Authors of Hardcore Circuit Training for Men, which is available at SportsWorkout.com and bookstores nationwide.

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My Review

I posted an article written by the authors of the book Hardcore Circuit Training for Men the other day, called Losing Weight with Circuit Training. Since then I found my copy of the book and finished looking through it.

Here is what I think:

First and foremost, despite the book’s title, this is not just a book for men. These circuits can be used and adapted by women and even kids. It can be used by weightlifters, triathlon athletes, regular athletes, MMA fighters, boxers, and pretty much anyone else who is looking to develop their conditioning.

What’s in this book?

It is a pretty basic book that never gets into the details of exercise physiology or kinesiology. There is a little in the way of nutrition tips, workout intensity, and online resource listings.

The book is simple to follow as each circuit provides exercise explanations, 2-3 still images of the exercise being performed, and a link to a youtube video that depicts the actual exercise. Most circuits are full-body routines, although some double up exercises for the same muscle group, which doesn’t make that much sense to me.

This book lists 12 circuit training routines, some of which use bodyweight exercises, while others use implements such as kettlebells, sandbags, free weights, and machines. Some circuits require being in the gym, another requires an Olympic swimming pool, and yet another demands that you execute the circuit on a hill.

At the end of the book, they provide 3 common fitness tests:

  1. The Multi-stage Fitness Test
  2. The 300 Test (yes, from the movie)
  3. The 1 Rep Max Test

Should you get this book?

For a very simple book that lists a bunch of circuits and fitness tests that you can try and adapt for your own needs, this book is good. You can take these circuits and apply HIRT principles to them, in order to create some great fat burning routines.

For me, it will be nice to have this manual laying around in case I’ve got trainers-block when trying to come up with new HIRT circuits.

For you, if you are focusing only on gaining strength or only on gaining muscle, maybe this book isn’t your best investment. However, if you ever think you want to use HIRT fat burning circuit training routines, this book would be a useful pickup.

Again, men and women, athletes of all ages, noviced and advanced weightlifters, literally anyone can benefit from using this book to develop great conditioning routines for increasing aerobic and anaerobic performance, and definitely for burning fat.

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