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Dr. John Berardi
John Berardi

Since the late 1990’s Dr. John Berardi has published 8 scientific abstracts; 15 scientific papers and textbook chapters; presented at nearly 50 scientific, exercise, and nutrition related conferences; and published countless articles online.

His first articles at Testosterone Magazine so many years ago, provided me with the basis for everything I know about nutrition today. Now I will turn some of that knowledge over to you in the form of Nutrition Tips written by Dr. Berardi himself.

Today’s Topic – Unhealthy Health Foods

I have ranted about this before, but you are wrong about some of the foods that you think are healthy. Some of the foods you think are good for you, are actually pretty bad for you.

Here is a list of 20 unhealthy foods that you think are healthy.

Frequent violators of healthy food claims often replace fat with sugar, sugar with trans fats, saturated fats with trans fats, and cholesterol with trans fats. It just isn’t fair to those of us who try our best to only eat healthy foods.

Many of you said I was dead wrong when I blogged about those 20 unhealthy health foods, but even Uber-Nutritionist John Berardi agrees with me. Eat your heart out naysayers!

Get Precision Nutrition
Get Precision Nutrition

But don’t take my word for it. Let’s see what JB has to say about it:

Tip: Health Foods

“Products that claim to be ‘Cholesterol Free’ and ‘Low in Saturated Fat’ often have the most trans-fatty acids.

Unfortunately these are the products that most of the public thinks are ‘healthy.’

Remember, trans fats have absolutely no place in the diet! They’re the only type of fat highly associated with very negative health outcomes.”

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