Fat Folk Encouraged to Get Fatter to Qualify for Bariatric Surgery

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Yes you read that right. In certain postal codes in England, severely overweight people are being denied life-saving surgery because it is not cost effective.

Severe clinical obesity can be life threatening.

The National Health Service (NHS), the name commonly used to refer to the three publicly funded health care systems in England, is telling people that they don’t qualify for surgery even though they are clinically obese.

Some people in more affluent postal codes with lower BMIs qualify for surgery right away, while the lower and middle class are being told to get fatter so that they will develop life-threatening complications, which will then qualify them for surgery. This policy allows some people with BMI of 40 to get the surgery, while others with BMI of 60 are labeled as “too skinny”, simply because of where they live.


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2 Responses to “Fat Folk Encouraged to Get Fatter to Qualify for Bariatric Surgery”

  1. Hi

    I live in the UK. Just been reading your post. It’s true that the NHS does not give treatment to people who affect the public health systems economy. There are plenty of people, with regards to “Severe clinical obesity” that have changed their lives around by loosing weight the best way; working it off. I can’t say for the picture above! But it CAN BE DONE without surgery. The NHS also has issues with smokers as their needs to be a balance in the system. If people want to destroy themselves arrogantly, and then they expect to be treated?

    “BMI is an overrate and far from accurate measurement used in the industry – look at the majority of professional Rugby players who have “abnormal BMI” results and yet they are fit as a fiddle.” – Arm-Bar.co.uk


    • I totally agree about the BMI. Ever since I started lifting, my BMI was considered “obese”… even when I was sporting 6 well-defined abs.

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