California Bans Trans-Fats in Restaurants

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Project Swole readers already know that trans-fats are bad for us. We also know partially hydrogenated oils are bad for us. These fats are not essential and should comprise about 0.0% of our dietary intake of fats. Now those who have homes or apartments in California can rest easy because trans-fats are on their way out!

Several states have already banned partially hydrogenated oil in restaurants, but California is the first one to outlaw trans-fats with fines of up to $1000 for an infraction. You can thank our hero Arnold Schwarzenegger for this latest step to improving the American diet.

Trans-fats are arguably the worst fats you can eat, but should the government have the right to make laws against selling those foods in restaurants?

Normally I fight for the right to free will. People should be able to educate themselves and make choices based on their knowledge. The problem is that it’s not working. Americans are fricken stupid when it comes to their health. I’m not exempt from that category, and you probably aren’t either.

For the protection of our children and our arteries, I am going to have to say I agree with the law. Screw trans-fats and all their deep-frying goodness. Better to just ban that crap and be done with it, than continue to let kids who are being raised by idiots, munch away on fried dough all day long.

Trans-Fats are Disgusting

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3 Responses to “California Bans Trans-Fats in Restaurants”

  1. I’m in favor of it. Basically trans fats are a slow form of low dose poison. The restaurants can still keep the same menu items, just prepare it with different ingredients that are not as terrible as shortening. I think it’s good because unlike going to the grocery store where you can pick up a package and read what the ingredients are that’s not the case when you order food at a restaurant. Even what seems to be the healthiest option on the menu may contain unhealthy levels of sodium, trans fat and who knows what else.

  2. Steve, it sounds like you’re torn on the subject. Much like myself. I hate it that Unkie Sam feels the need to nudge his nose into our business. On the other hand, the peeps of the US just aren’t taking heed to the warnings. Since the ill effects of their health are a burden on the rest of us, the tax payers and insured, I fall in the same place. The law, while it sucks, is completely necessary.

    • Todd: I am torn at times because I hate the idea of the government telling me what I can and can’t buy, eat, or use. At the same time, these ignorant fat Americans continue to poison their bodies with filth and suck up the health care monies. They have done it to themselves at this point, so I say ‘outlaw the fat!’

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