How Not To Quit Working Out

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procrastination badgerProcrastination – you all do it.

It’s sometimes easier to put off until tomorrow what you should really be doing today. When it comes to the gym, suddenly you become an expert in all things delay. Worst still many of you will simply quit – sometimes without ever properly starting! Even if you have the benefit of a no-contract gym membership and won’t suffer financially by quitting too soon, you will be losing out. Your health could suffer, your fitness will drop off and your lifestyle will be less enjoyable as a result.

The temptation to quit will always be there. To deal with this problem, and to ensure that you have the best possible chance to both start the gym and thereafter keep attending, this article gives you the help and advice you’ll need to build the determination to succeed. So before you’re tempted, read on to see just how to stick at it!


It’s A Start

You have to remember that everybody has started at some point and that they have all had their first day at the gym. This should reduce the overall fear or intimidation of walking through those doors on day one. Don’t worry if you’re not particularly sporty, to begin with, the fact that you have made a decision to attend and are in fact going through with it is a start and that’s great. You will, however, need to maintain your commitment levels and stay positive.



When you go out for a night on the town you’ll probably want to look nice. It boosts your mood and makes you feel better about yourself. The same rule can apply to the gym too. Just because you are sweating in the clothes you wear, doesn’t mean that they can’t be nice. Make sure that they are comfortable and presentable and you’ll feel much better than simply wearing old t-shirts for example. This will immediately make you feel better about going. It doesn’t mean being an “all the gear no idea” type, it just means making yourself feel good before you start your workout.



One of the most common reasons why people stop going to the gym is the location of the gym itself. You should hunt around for great deals when looking for a gym, but remember it’s more about going than it is about your no-contract London gym membership. Or for that matter, wherever you live you should search around for a no-contract membership. There are a few facilities like this in the USA as well. Having to drive or travel more than 15 minutes out of your way after or before work has been shown to be too much for many. The excuses will start coming, and before you know it you’ll have stopped going altogether. So, pick somewhere to train that fits your schedule, i.e. close to home or work.



They say failing to plan means planning to fail. It applies to health and fitness too. In order to avoid directionless training, draw up a plan with goals that are specific and attainable. Once you have achieved these goals, change them for new ones. This not only gives you the boost of hitting targets but keeps refreshing the targets to keep you interested and in the gym!

In addition to your targets, plan your individual sessions in say blocks of 4-6 weeks and then change them to keep them engaging. Simple plans work too, like having your gym kit packed and ready the night before so that you do not simply avoid the gym through a lack of preparation when rushing.



There is nothing at all wrong with asking for a little help. Sometimes you can simply give up because you have lost direction or don’t know quite how to attain your goals. Help comes in many forms. There will always be people in a gym to offer advice – just take it with a pinch of salt. Personal trainers can help, but not all of them are good (all of them will charge you though). Perhaps the best help comes from having a training partner, to keep you going, motivated and even to keep you company. Ensure that you pick a good reliable one though, and one who shares your goals.



The biggest reason to keep you interested and attending though has to be yourself. Whatever your motivation, it is you who will be attending and putting in the effort so remind yourself of the reasons why you started and the benefits of keeping going. Document your progress through photos and give yourself the occasional reward – you’ve earned it.

Starting at the gym is tough, staying is even tougher. These tips should help you in any moments of weakness to stay strong and motivated. After all, it’s worth it.

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