The Effects of Medicine on Your Fitness

A major topic in sports medicine is understanding how drugs can effect athletic performance and how to avoid unwanted complications. Many drugs have side effects that might be exaggerated by strenuous exercise.

Strenuous Exercise

Prescription drugs are controlled because of their side effects. The topic can be divided into drugs that affect the body versus drugs that affect the mind.

Pain Killers

Mood altering drugs and pain killers, like NSAIDS, can affect performance. A person who is advised to avoid driving or operating machinery should also be careful around exercise equipment and free weights. These count as heavy machinery, so any drugs that affect coordination should make a person rethink some of the exercises that they do.

A power step machine is safer than running on a treadmill, and weight lifting machines are safer than free weights.

Blood Pressure

Drugs that affect blood pressure might disqualify a person from intense cardio. Some people need medicine that raises their blood pressure, but cardio further increases blood pressure. Someone suffering from high blood pressure as a disease is also at risk. It is better to ask a doctor for a routine and stick to walking until then.


Drugs such as hormones used in hormone therapy can effect metabolism. Some drugs specifically affect metabolism. Drugs affecting cholesterol influence an important body function, as cholesterol is used by virtually every cell in the body. More women than men take hormones, and any of these drugs can prevent muscle gain or promote fat retention.


A person wanting to lose weight and bulk up should not stop taking prescription medicines. They are prescribed by a doctor, often to treat serious illnesses. Clinical medicine is distinct from sports medicine; the latter is interested in increasing performance and fat burn, like at The Compounding Pharmacy of America. Keeping the body and mind functioning is more important than achieving an ideal figure. Clinical medicine takes priority.

It is also important to stay in shape. Doctors know how to deal with the side effects of drugs. Alternate exercise routines can be prescribed. The good news is that it is still possible to fight fat on hormones. The trick might be the right diet or to stay longer at the gym.

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