Mobile Fitness: 50 Health-Themed iPhone Applications

Posted September 17, 2009 in Healthy Lifestyle 1 Comment »

iPhoneI don’t own an iPhone, but maybe you do. If you do, you should totally check out some of these healthy iPhone apps. The more reminders we have, the more likely we will be to stick to the plan.

You’ve got your nutrition apps – menus and meal planners, indoor and outdoor workout apps, health info apps – think Web MD, a couple social networking apps – who uses SparkPeople(?), apps for brain health, and a bunch of other random apps.

Read the whole list of 50 iPhone apps here: 50 iPhone Apps That Will Make You Much Healthier

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  1. Due to fitness awareness even mobile devices developing apps for health and fitness tips. Since, apple’s app store did boost in last 1 year there are lots of useful apps made for health and fitness.

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