Is High Sensitivity in Male Organs a Disorder?

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male sensitivity disorder

There are hundreds of nerve endings in the head of the male sexual organ. And these nerve endings are primarily the reason for pleasurable sensations during sexual activity.

Some level of sensitivity does no harm. In fact, it is necessary for arousal and erection. However, when this sensitivity begins to cause discomfort and distress, it could be a problem.

For most people, penile sensitivity is self-diagnosable and also resolves on its own, as it begins. However, for some, there could be other extended reasons too.

In this article, we will discuss the symptoms, causes, and possible treatment options for penile sensitivity.

Symptoms of Hypersensitive Penile Disorder

There have been several studies around symptoms of the hypersensitive penile disorder. But, notably, there are no established symptoms of this condition.

According to a report, premature ejaculation is usually a result of hypersensitivity in the penis. Apart from this, there are several other disorders that could arise out of hypersensitivity.

For example, sleeping troubles, psychological trauma, and even hormonal changes can be easily experienced due to a highly sensitive penis.

According to a study, nearly 1 in every 3 men experience premature ejaculation. And another report suggests that more blood circulation in the penile nerves and muscles increases sensitivity.

Now, there could be plenty of reasons for increased blood circulation in the penile region. But, it is indicated by an increase in blood pressure. This can give us an idea that high blood pressure might also be a symptom of HPD.

It is rather advisable to consult with a doctor or general physician. The professionals are better at diagnosing the condition and symptoms and can offer the right treatment, accordingly.

What causes Hypersensitivity in Penis?

There could be several reasons for increased penile sensitivity. Some of them are listed below.


Balanitis is a condition when a sensation of pain or inflammation is experienced in and around the head of the penis. The condition is, however, very common- affecting roughly 11% of males once in their lifetime.

This condition is usually not a reason for concern, however, it is still suggested to consult with a physician for a proper diagnosis.

Infections in Urinary Tract

An infection in the urinary tract may also lead to increased sensitivity. It is quite usual- to ask and learn why my penis is so sensitive, for people who start to feel discomfort during sexual activity. Perhaps, the answer could lie inside the urinary tract.

If there are infections in the tract, the doctor would prescribe anti-inflammatory and antibiotics to get rid of the infection. Besides, professionals also suggest properly cleaning the surface of the penis as frequently as possible.

Physical Injury

Injuries and trauma can also lead to sensitivity disorders. It may include injuries from sports, masturbation, and rough sex. Typically, penile injuries can also lead to inflammation, redness, and sometimes swelling in the male organ.

It is noteworthy that these symptoms may go away as the injury heals. However, if the symptoms are still visible after the injury is healed, it is suggested to consult with a general physician.

Psychological Disorders

Usually, psychological disorders like social anxiety, panic attacks, and stress can lead to several sexual disorders, including sensitivity. Other disorders that psychological problems may cause include erectile dysfunction, also known as libido, and premature ejaculation.

Stress and mental disorders cause hormonal imbalance in the body. These hormonal changes are primarily linked to the increased or reduced sensitivity in the penile region.

Possible Treatments and Prevention

Understanding the causes and symptoms of the sensitive penis can help healthcare professionals decide the right treatment course. Typically, with regular and appropriate medicines, the condition is easily treatable. This also includes treating symptoms like premature ejaculation.

However, for more serious cases, a doctor may also suggest dietary changes and supplements. For example, stress-related symptoms are usually treated using naturopathic techniques. It involves dietary supplements and physical workouts to help alleviate the stress.

For generic solutions, people suffering from sensitivity issues can also use over-the-counter medications. These include desensitized sprays, lubricants, and contraceptives. However, these preventive measures are only temporary and may not treat any underlying condition.

On this note, although it might not be possible to prevent all the causes, practicing safe intercourse and using condoms might help. Besides, maintaining general hygiene can also improve sexual wellbeing.

Nonetheless, before using any over-the-counter medication it is suggested to consult with a doctor. Only a professional can help pinpoint the underlying symptoms and causes. And accordingly, prescribe treatment for the same. But, it also does not mean that the condition is alarming.

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