8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Homesteading

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In case that you haven’t heard of homesteading before – it is a lifestyle that is based on self-sustainability. The idea revolves around a farming system called subsistence agriculture. Basically, you grow your own food and preserve it in your home. It is also related to producing craftwork, textile, and clothes either for the inhabitants or for the purposes of selling.

The essential benefit of homesteading is that it offers a life that is a lot healthier than living in the more urban areas. People in the city are generally unaware of how unhealthy their lives are until they step out of that world and try out something different. All that air polluted by factories and vehicles, unhealthy fast food chains, advertisements that present a “perfect life” that is an unattainable illusion, and so on.

Fresh and clean food

Just think about one fact – the food that is produced in factories and then shelved is touched by a whole lot of people. This includes the farmer, the people hired to pack it, delivery truck drivers, the staff from the grocery store, and also a bunch of shoppers along the way. What is even more important are all the pesticides and chemicals which that food has all over it. The fact that a label says “organic” doesn’t really mean that it’s all that healthy.

When you make the decision to be the person that is going to grow an eat the food that comes from your own garden, you are removing all those people that take part in the process of getting food products onto market shelves. And, of course, you grow it your own way, avoiding all the toxic chemicals that might pollute it, enabling it to provide your body with all the nutrients and vitamins that it should.

Plenty of antioxidants

There is a great variety of foods that you can grow in your own garden that contain a lot of antioxidants. This is important because these substances have various benefits for your body’s health.

You can grow kale which contains an abundance of antioxidants which protect cells from free radicals that are known to cause various diseases. You can do so throughout the entire year and it needs quite little maintenance. Blueberries are popularly grown in containers and are also full of antioxidants which are beneficial against heart diseases. There are also radishes, which you can sow directly into the garden and eat in about a month.

An abundance of vitamins

The foods you can grow also carry various vitamins that are essential for your body. The aforementioned Kale is full of vitamin K which is great for your bones. Brussels sprouts and radishes are full of vitamin C, while purslane also has high levels of vitamin A. Arugula is a truly great choice because it contains vitamins A, B, C, and K.  


Great for fighting cancer

Via homesteading, you can also grow foods that are great for protecting yourself from cancer, and do so in the healthiest way possible. These include carrots, cabbage, broccoli, berries, avocado, dill, ginger, garlic, parsley, mint, spinach, tomatoes, and more. All of these can easily be grown in your garden if you invest in proper garden accessories.

The protein that your body needs

You can also grow food that contains the protein that your body requires. Quinoa is a great choice, as it contains high levels of it, as well as iron, fiber, zinc, selenium, and vitamin E. It is grown by being sown directly into the garden. Keep in mind that its crop is tall, so make sure to give it space. It is great to eat in salads, soups, along with rice, or stuffed in red peppers.

An escape from junk food

The fact is that the majority of people living in urban areas are more or less addicted to junk food. Homesteading is the perfect way to escape from that temptation, and start eating a lot healthier. Once you have moved away from regular visits to McDonald’s and purchases that include a lot of bags of chips, you will actually feel good about leaving all those empty calories and sugar-full drinks behind you. It is also great in terms of starting a family, because your kids will learn to eat healthy from their young age, with you as a good example.

green vegetables

Natural exercise

Research has shown that just 30 minutes of light exercise on a daily basis can greatly benefit your health. Some people manage to throw in a gym membership into their daily schedule of working at a full-time job, driving or commuting back home, and finishing up all the daily chores. Others, especially those that have children, find that a lot more difficult.

However, if you are homesteading, you basically have a place where you can exercise in your own backyard. All of those daily tasks that you need to perform around your garden, or even just simple walks around the whole property can be a great way to “exercise” for 30 minutes and keep yourself healthy.

Stress relief

Life in the city can also be very stressful, and we are all pretty aware of how much stress can affect our health. A lot of homesteaders have said that their choice to live freely in the country on their own farmland, eat healthy food, and enjoy the healthy atmosphere, significantly decreased the levels of stress in their lives.

In summation

Homesteading is a lifestyle that will radically change the way you see things, and generally introduce you to much healthier living. You have your own freedom to grow healthy, fresh, and clean food, without the need to worry about various harmful chemicals. Next to all the beneficial substances that the food you can grow has, you will also live a much less stressful life, and keep yourself active with all the care that your garden requires.

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