5 Healthy Helpful Tips to Lose Your Belly

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Lose Your Belly
Lose Your Belly

If you are reading this then you clearly want to lose some weight. You have probably tried several different ways, and let’s face it; there are thousands of pages of information about it on the World Wide Web.

Which methods work?

Which are actually effective and am I wasting my time?

Here are 5 seriously helpful tips, no rubbish and no lies.

Speak to your local sports enthusiast; speak to a random person at the gym; even speak to a personal trainer; he or she will tell you that to lose weight you need to hit the gym constantly. Likely they will say that cardiovascular fitness is the best way to lose weight. Endless hours on the cardio equipment they will prescribe.

Now I’m not stupid, so I’m not going to say it can’t help. However, I will explain additional, if not better, methods for how to lose your belly without spending hours in the gym doing the same old boring routines.

5 Healthy Helpful Tips to Lose Your Belly

  1. Meal frequency. Most people think skipping meals helps you lose weight. Wrong! Through recent studies it has been proved that in order to take in fewer calories it is best to eat about 5 or even 6 times a day. This doesn’t mean have 5 or 6 huge meals of course.

    Through taking in and noticing what’s in your food, less calories, you are lowering your level of cholesterol. When deciding what to eat make sure your meals have lots of fiber and protein in and your belly will begin to go!

  2. Type of Exercise. As I said above, exercising (specifically cardio) is not the ultimate weight loss tip, but for busy people (probably yourself) exercising for hours is not possible.

    I recommend interval training, e.g. sprints or a bike with the resistance almost maximum. This resistance will help you lose weight whilst increasing your muscle mass.

    In addition to interval training, you should be using a linear progression principle in order to continue to lift heavier, which will increase muscle mass and metabolism, and which will decrease body fat. Ladies, have no fear, you will NOT get “bulky”.

  3. Focus and Intensity! When you are working out you need to put your attention on burning the carbohydrates rather than the fat. Once your workout is complete, you need to be able to continue burning calories into the night (after burn).

    When you use the above advice of interval and resistance training you end up with the after burn. Your body continues to work long after you finish your workout, what can be better than that?

  4. Repetitions and Consistency! This is the key when working out. You need to put in the time, put in the reps, and not miss a workout.

    You will need to continue to experiment and change the types of repetitions and exercises that you do. In order to remove belly fat you need to keep growing your muscles and doing several different exercises.

  5. Keep the time you work out to under an hour. If you go to the gym, or work out at home after a hard day’s work, only spend around 30 minutes on it, however, in these 30 minutes you should do quick circuits and continue to use heavier weights than before.

    The shorter your time the more you will feel like you had a good time and want to do it tomorrow or/and the day after.

    If you spend too long you automatically feel like working out is boring and whenever you think about it, an alarm will ring in your head about how you could be doing something more fun, like eating!

    Keep it to 45 minutes of exercise, then stretch for 10 minutes. In and out in under and hour!

Now that the new year is here, you can start off on a brand new path of health, fitness, and proper nutrition. Start with this guideline of tips to get healthy, read the most popular Project Swole posts to get some fitness and nutrition ideas, then put your plan into effect.

The most important way to lose your belly is to just get out there and start. You can read and research and prepare as much as you want, but to see progress, you have to take action!

Good luck with your weight loss program and don’t give up.

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10 Responses to “5 Healthy Helpful Tips to Lose Your Belly”

  1. I say, the more you workout the better! Getting that 6 pack is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do in your life, so the harder you work at it, the more likely it is to come.

  2. Az:
    So lets say you are doing bench press. Your goal for the day is 225 x 5. On your final set you hit 225 x 5, so now you know it’s time to add weight. For your next bench press workout, add 5-10 pounds so that now you are trying to hit 235 x 5. If you hit it, add weight again on the next bench press workout; if you miss it, try 235 x 5 again the next time. Apply this principle to nearly all exercises.

  3. Yes, it does. Is it better to add 2.5-5 lbs during the week for a total of 7.5-10 lbs or 5-10 lbs once a week ?

    Thank you.

  4. Az:
    I mean to progressively add a little bit of weight to your exercises each workout. In this manner your strength will progress linearly (in a straight line) over time, and you will “progressively” get stronger. Make sense?

  5. Could you please elaborate on the following please :

    “In addition to interval training, you should be using a [b]linear progression principle [/b] in order to continue to lift heavier, which will increase muscle mass and metabolism, and which will decrease body fat.”

    What do you mean by linear progression principle ?

  6. Hey, great article I agree with a lot of what you’re saying. I just started an awesome new gym this week (previously I had been working out at home). Its great to be among like-minded people who are dedicated to staying fit and looking good.

    I’d also add that getting fit, being healthy and looking good is all about your lifestyle as well. How much you sleep, when you eat, what you eat, how often, stress all sorts of things contribute to the losing and adding of weight.

    Make positive changes to your life and break bad habits, you’ll see the results in no time. In fact, start now, you’ll be in great shape when it comes to the summer beach body season!

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