Does Exercise Help You Detox?

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Does Exercise Help You Detox?

Detoxing is a healthy cycle that one should go through at least once a year. How long the detox cycle may go is up to you. However, the best duration is not more than 30 days. 30 days are enough to flush your system clean while having a minimal impact on your fitness level.

But where does exercise come into play when detoxing?

Exercising boosts the elimination channels of your body. These are the ways through which your body gets rid of the toxins, like breathing, sweating, and circulation of blood. 

Contrary to the common belief, exercise really does boost up your detoxing cycle and helps you maintain your fitness. Although you won’t be able to continue with your exercise at the same intensity, you can introduce a few changes.

Cutting down on carbs, sugar, alcohol, prescribed drugs, or gluten are some of the most common types of detox. 

Here are some key tips to keep in mind when you are detoxing with exercise.

Change The Intensity Of Your Workouts

Going on a run in the morning and lifting weights later is the best way to sweat your body and circulate oxygen-rich blood. But as your gas tank is going to be running low on energy during a detoxing cycle, you won’t be able to continue working out at the same intensity.

Feeling dizzy, over-exhausted, and worked out are the symptoms to look out for. These usually happen because you deplete your sugar levels, resulting in a much lower-blood-glucose. Hence, you do not have enough energy to continue pushing hard.

Since you are going to be limiting your intake of energy one way or another, it is wise to step down your training intensity. Lifting lighter weights, reducing the reps, and substituting heavy compound exercises with light ones is a good way to go.

Find Easy Substitutes And Stick To The Basics

The main reason why there is a trend of exercise while detoxing is that we do not want to lose our fitness level. But as mentioned above, what we do not understand is that the body is no longer capable of the complex exercises.

If you’re at an intermediate or advanced level of working out then switching back to the basics is enough to keep your fitness level maintained. All you need to do is keep your muscles active during the cycle. Always remember, improving fitness is not the aim during a detox cycle, it is only to flatten the curve.

The most basic exercises are the most effective. Pull-ups, push-ups, running, brisk walking, cycling, rowing, swimming, and crunches are some of the exercises that you can switch to. The point is to move towards exercises that target more than two muscle groups. This reduces the stress that each muscle goes through.

Reduce The Duration Of Exercise

The major change that your body goes through is sped-up metabolism. Since a big portion of your diet contains juices and liquids, the body adapts to a faster metabolic rate and flushing quickly. How it affects is your exercise is that your body depletes of the energy fairly quickly because of absent fibers.

If your normal exercise time is 40 minutes a day, cutting down to 20 minutes and even 15 minutes is going to be a good idea. 

The problem that some people face is that they are unable to work all their muscles during this time. then just like stated above, find alternative compound exercises that target multiple muscle groups at the same time. 

For example, if your normal routine involved you brisk walking for an hour then running for 15-20 minutes is going to produce more or less the same results.

Your Body Speaks, Listen To It!

It is very easy to over-work your body during a detoxing cycle, which is why it is imperative to do only as much as you can take. 

Switching to new alternative exercises may have you up against a challenge. But that is the time to judge yourself. If you are feeling too fatigued or dizzy after a workout then step down. Similarly, if you’re feeling the new exercise routine is too easy then step up a little.

Detoxing is a slow process and can get frustrating when you are looking for quick results. Having a dope test coming up in less than a week is probably not a good time to stress your body out. Quick fix reviews indicate synthetic urine to be a perfect eleventh-hour remedy.

Stretching and Steam Baths

Stretching is one of the best ways to pump oxygen into your muscles without working them out too much. Including a bit of stretching during your detoxing cycle will improve your mobility, balance, and the coordination of your muscles during compound workouts while preventing your muscles from losing mass.

Having a steam bath or going to a sauna after stretching opens up the pores of your skin. You sweat and you sweat a lot! This is going to put your body under the least bit of stress and also cover your goals up for the detoxing cycle.

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