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Are you the type of athlete who just can’t keep away from carbs? Is your sweet tooth always aching for a sugary treat? Well, I feel you, brothers and sisters! There’s nothing like a pink glazed doughnut or a chewy, chocolate chip cookie dipped in creamy chocolate fondue as an after-work treat during a very busy week. 

Oops, sorry! Did I just make your mouth water?

Okay. So that was really cruel of me. I’m a follower of this diet myself so you can just imagine what torture it is for me to be typing that intro. I haven’t held a cookie (the kind grandma makes) in my hand since forever. After all, I purposely try to remove myself from these sinful pleasures. I admit I cheat every once in a while but I get a bite, at most. I’m telling you; not being able to eat your favorite things is one of the worst feelings ever. Read more about this dreadful feeling here:

But should this dissuade you from trying out the ketogenic diet? Hell no! Following this type of eating lifestyle is a choice. This means that it’s a path that you decided to take. So if you’ve been able to hold off the clammy hands of sinful distractions for this long, going back to unhealthy and disproportionate eating now would make all those efforts go to waste. Remember that the main reason why a lot of people fail at dieting is that they stop when they’re so close to seeing visible results – then, they relapse. Before they know it, they’re not just back to square one. They’ve regressed and probably even gained more pounds than when they started.

Dieting, as I said, is a lifestyle choice. This basically means that it’s not a one-time thing. You can’t say you will be vegan this week and then back to your normal self the next. When you decide to follow a certain eating style or diet pattern, you have to see it through. Otherwise, you’re just fooling yourself. Only decide to start minding your diet when you are actually 100% ready for it. You have to condition yourself to understand that there is definitely no going back. You can shift diets but definitely no returning to how you ate like there’s no tomorrow before.

The Good Thing About Keto

The main reason why I went with keto is that it’s not a “depriving diet.” You don’t make yourself go hungry or torture yourself of hyperacidity because there will be more than enough for your body to digest in your stomach. Also, the keto diet permits the eating of bacon so I’m sorry for being so shallow but that kind of sealed the deal for me (can’t live without bacon and eggs for breakfast.

So generally speaking, the ketogenic diet is a protein-based eating lifestyle. This is the complete opposite of being vegan. When you do keto, you can eat meat products like beef, chicken, pork as well but you have to be careful about it as it is very high in bad fat. Nuts, dairy products, eggs, and the like are also welcome in this dietary choice because these types of food are high in protein. In other words, you just need to find a keto friendly bar to help you satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

The things you can’t eat when you’re following keto are those rich in carbohydrates. In other words, white bread, rice, sweets, and the like are totally out of the picture. This is why people who grew up eating grandma’s pies and freshly baked cookies find it very difficult to keep up with the all-protein meal plan.

The good thing about keto, as compared to other diet plans however, is that you get to keep the vibrancy of your skin and face. Protein plays a large role in the production and circulation of RBCs or red blood cells, after all. This is also the reason why people who do not eat meat look pale in comparison to those who do. The key to the keto diet is to increase the protein intake while minding the portions. It has been studied that reduced carbs and heightened protein intake stimulates the process of ketosis in the body and that helps burn off bad fat easily. Read more about it here.

But if you really find it hard to keep away from snacking and satisfying your sweet tooth, we may just have the treat for you: Keto bars. It can sometimes be difficult to find the best keto bar, but the bars sold at are great tasting and have a wonderful consistency.

What Are Keto Bars?

For those following the keto movement, keto bars are heaven-sent. They are protein-packed, deliciously sweet but guilt-free energy bars that are made from fresh and healthy ingredients. Despite its crispy texture and mildly sweet taste, these bars are super low in carbs which means that they do not mess with your diet plan. You can have them in-between breaks or after a nice workout and not feel like you’ve cheated on your diet at all.

Lifestyle choice is a lifestyle choice. You can’t do anything about it. However, you can find ways to make it way more fun and exciting. These bars are just what you need to get through rough days!  

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