How to Go Back to Working Out After Pregnancy

working out after pregnancy

Have you finally delivered and cannot wait to lose the baby weight? Working out should part of everybody’s lifestyle. When you have just had a baby, working out after pregnancy can help you recover fast and boost your strength. Since pregnancy comes with hormonal changes that affect you emotionally, exercising can also boost your mood.

Every pregnancy is, however, different, and checking with your doctor before starting is crucial. New mothers are advised to engage in postpartum abdominal exercises that can help in toning muscles and reducing weight. Enrolling in this fitness program can help you learn how to work out safely after childbirth. It aims at helping new mothers in America maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve effective results after pregnancy. 

Today we will talk about tips for easing into post-pregnancy fitness and provide a series of exercises you can use to get started.

Follow These Steps to Ease Into a Workout Routine

  • Start slowly

Though you may want to start lifting weights immediately, you should be patient and realistic. Some new mothers assume that just because they had an easy delivery, they are ready. You have to understand that your body goes through a significant transformation in the process of expelling a baby. The best way to start is with postpartum abdominal exercises rather than immediately getting into any heavy or high intensity movements.

Rushing into workouts may cause complications. If you went through a C-section, your doctor should confirm that the wound is totally healed and properly closed. You can take ibuprofen before you start training. This can reduce any discomfort of the uterus as you do the postpartum abdominal exercises. Do not push yourself too hard when you’re just starting working out after pregnancy.

  • Pay attention to your body signs

If you embark on some intense activities, you need to focus on your body signs. Some women start bleeding again after beginning the fitness program. If this happens, it’s a clear indicator that your body requires more time before you proceed. Do not overlook such signs. 

  • Take enough time to nurse

If you’re still breastfeeding your child, you should focus more on nursing and wait for a few weeks before you start exercising. Once the milk supply is established, then you can begin light workouts. Some of the baby weight comes off quickly as the body relinquishes some of the stored fluids it required during pregnancy. During nursing, your body needs at least 500 calories each day more than it did before you gave birth. You should focus on eating so that you can produce enough milk for the child

  • Assess the pelvic floor

If your pelvic floor is still weak, exerting too much pressure through ab work can delay healing. Instead of starting with workouts such as crunches and Pilates, you can begin with kegel exercises. These can help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. You can also try other easy workouts such as cardiovascular exercises and swimming. Swimming is one of the best postpartum exercises since it’s gentle on the pelvic floor and joints. It can also strengthen your core muscles. 

  • Remain hydrated

When breastfeeding, you should take a lot of water as you maintain a fitness routine. Get a water bottle that you can bring with you everywhere so that you do not forget to take water. You can also hydrate your body through other dietary sources such as cucumber. A woman working out after pregnancy requires more hydration than a typical person, so try to stay aware.

Recommended Exercises

These initial exercises focus mainly on a few of the best abdominal exercises and introduce weights in the form of very light medicine balls and dumbbells.

post pregnancy exercises


Working out after giving birth is quite crucial. It not only improves your physical state but mental health. One of the conditions that affect a lot of women in America is postpartum depression. Working out helps minimize stress and prevents such problems. You should, however, only start once you’re sure your body is strong enough. 

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