How to Double the Size of Your Calves

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Double Your Calf Size with These Two Simple Tips

Big Calves
Big Calves

Calves tend to be a bodybuilding problem spot. Even Arnold used to worry about the size of his calves in relation to the rest of his body.

Here is a simple tip to double the size of your calves in no time:

Since your calves are made up of two muscle groups, you will need to train your calves in a standing and seated position. Most calf exercises can be tweaked to include straight-knee and bent-knee variations. Use them both.

Here is another calf training tip that I personally used with great results:

The majority of your calf muscles are made up of slow twitch fibers, because they need to endure constant walking on a daily basis. This means you can train them very effectively with higher rep exercises including jumping, jumping rope, and sprinting.

However, your calves will also respond well to heavy training, in the 5-8 rep range, because they don’t normally see that kind of high-twitch stimulation on a regular basis. This means you can load up on the seated and standing calf raise machines, and bust out quick 5 rep sets of calf raises as a super-set with some upper body exercises.

Furthermore, your calves recover quickly, which means you can train them just about every other day.

So, if you want bigger calves in no time flat, train them every other day with both seated and standing exercises, using both high rep and low rep exercises. Turning your calves into cows just takes some persistence, but it’s not that hard.

Don’t forget to train your quads and hamstrings hard to really stimulate some lower body growth.

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  1. I recently started a program that involves training calves every other day as you suggested here. I’ve never trained this way before but I’m hoping for solid gains, especially since now I see that more than one expert recommends every other day for calf training.

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