5 Tips for Building Muscle With Hypertrophy Training

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hypertrophyIn the eternal quest to perfect your body, a lot of methods and training regimens will only let you down. However, if you want to build muscle like a pro, hypertrophy training is one of the most effective methods.

When it comes to building muscle mass and strength fast, hypertrophy training can give you results in almost half the time that other strength training regimens take.

This kind of efficiency is what makes hypertrophy training so popular among body builders, but it is important know a few tips and tricks first.

Here are five tips for building muscle with hypertrophy training.

  1. Focus on more compound exercises versus stationary exercise. For instance, focus on squats, presses, deadlifts and dips rather than a weight machine. This will allow you to build muscle and strength in a much more dynamic way.

    While you don’t want to cut stationary exercises out altogether – they can be great for warming up – you want to make sure that your workout regimen mostly includes compound repetitions. The reason for this is that you will have a much more well-rounded work out and you will cover more ground – opposed to just one muscle group.

  2. Make sure to keep your hypertrophy training within 45 minutes to an hour. One of the biggest challenges in hypertrophy training is trying not to burn out. However, in that quest for a perfect physique, many people try to push their bodies too far.

    When it comes down to it, hypertrophy training is intense, and anything more than 45 minutes is pushing it. After a while, your muscles can’t take it anymore, so it is important to let them rest. If you are going for a daily regiment, you should be able to get back in the gym the following day.

  3. Try taking a day off here and there. If you are new at the whole hypertrophy thing, you might want to take a break for a day or two after a few days of heavy training. Again, you don’t want to risk burning out and if your body isn’t used to the constant impact of this rigorous physical training regiment, you could completely fizzle out.

    If your body is going to force you to take a break, way not give it what it wants before hand? These breaks can also greatly increase the efficiency of your regiment.

  4. Make sure the gym where you are working has all the right materials. When you are hypertrophy training, you could really injure yourself if there isn’t enough padding or support when you are doing your repetitions.

    If you have a home gym, you might want to visit GymFitnessMatsCanada.com for your gym floor covering needs.

  5. Protein will be your best friend. This is your chance to eat as many eggs, as many protein shakes and as many steaks as you can.

    Protein is the essential element that your body needs to pack on all that extra muscle. If you want your hypertrophy training to be successful, protein will be your greatest ally.


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  1. Hello Friends,
    Its really i nice information of Hypertrony Muscle Building technique.
    It will help body builder to grow muscle faster

  2. I just really don’t know what hypertrophy is all about but now i have gained some knowledge what it is really…… 😛 . I need to thank you for that help. But i need to know how much time will this take for this hyper trophy to work properly?? . Is this truly a fast process or will it take time ?

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