Keeping Fit With Music by Using a Running Phone Belt

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I always tend to find workouts at the gym very stressful when visiting at peak hours. There are so many people grunting and grinding, dropping weights and chattering. I really can’t concentrate on my own workout when noise is all around me. It increases my heart rate and makes me nervous and uncomfortable. Yet because of work schedules, I often find that the only time I have to visit the gym, is during the peak hours, along with everyone else.

This is where my cell phone comes in to save my day (and sanity); I simply plug in my headphones and turn up the volume for 45 minutes until I am safely out of the gyms doors. I know this is sounding terribly unsocial of me, but the gym at peak hours isn’t a calm social gathering to me, its prime purpose is unwinding and letting go of the days stress.

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Having a running phone belt with me has helped me tremendously, and I have nothing bad to say about the many variations of running phone belt accessories out there.  There aren’t many options for workout outfits with pockets big enough and secure enough to fit my quite large android phone in. so having a running phone belt with me while I job, helps me keep my phone safe, and easily accessible for skipping songs or checking on my progress through my workout apps I have installed.

Running to the beat of your own music through your running phone belt

Given the amount of time I spend in the gym weekly (45×5=225 minutes or just under 4 and a half hours) of gym time, Monday through Friday, I definitely have to find ways to keep my spirits up and make the experience and enjoyable one for me.

High levels of stress in my daily work life, leaves me mentally and sometimes physically exhausted, and my pick me up comes in the form of:

A brisk run on the treadmill, a high climb on the stepper or on the days I really want to burn, a killer 30 minute elliptical session ending in a short upper body weight program. These workouts are my saviours, giving me enough time to zone out and focus on me, something that I can’t do all day while tending to the needs of others.  

Having my running phone belt hold my previous cell phone, keeps me upbeat with my selected playlist giving me the boost I need to get through my workouts.

Music really does help centre and balance you, and even inspire you to go that extra mile just through the power of the right melody.

I reserve my social chatter for coffee breaks and nights out, but at the gym, I want to stay blissfully silent as I go through my playlist for the day and lose myself in my own soundtrack.

Without my phone which holds multiple playlists, and quite a few workout applications that I use to keep track of my progress, diet and vital signs, I wouldn’t know where to turn. I live in the inner city, which makes it incredibly difficult to find an open-air exercise facility. And I am not too fond of visiting the park towards sundown, so the gym is my only option.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the gym, do as I do, just plug in and zone out. You will see a difference in your quality of work out.

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