Post Exercise Nutrition for Runners

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Hot Chicks RunningThough proper nutrition is vital for high energy levels and performance, the right nutrition is also vital for proper recovery.

What you ingest right after a workout determines, for the most part, how you’re going to feel the next day and your enjoyment and performance levels during your upcoming workout.

Proper post workout nutrition helps you replenish energy tanks and rebuild muscle tissue damage. On the other hand, skipping on recovery nutrition will leave you more susceptible to infections, low energy levels, high frequency of aches and pains and a loss of motivation for the training itself.

Therefore, here are some of the best nutrition guidelines that can help you recover faster and become a better athlete as a result.

The Sooner, the Better

When it come to proper diet for recovery, the quicker and sooner you supply your body with the needed nutrients, the better results you’re going to reap. During the recovery window—the hour following a workout—your body is usually more primed to sock away the nutrients and use it to replenish its tanks and rebuild its tissues than store it as fat.

Therefore, make sure ingest something healthy right after finishing a workout. Don’t wait for your next meal. Up until then, the recovery window closes tight with every minute that passes. So what are the best eating choices for maximum recovery? Does any food count?

Carbs and Protein

Your first objective with a post-workout meal is replenishing energy tanks and providing your body with enough amino acids to start the rebuilding process. As a result, you need carbohydrates for the replenishing process and protein for rebuilding damages muscle tissue. Taking the two components together has been proven to yield better recovery results.

Shoot for 0.5g of carbohydrates of your body weight in pounds and a ratio of protein to carbohydrates of around 1:3, meaning 10g of protein for every 30g of carbohydrates you ingest. Nevertheless, protein needs increases after intense training sessions such sprints or weight circuit training, therefore, make sure to monitor your bodyweight, body fat percentages and other bodily measurements.

Not Hungry, Eh?

Long cardio sessions or just the lack of time for preparing a proper meal can make post workout eating tricky. In such cases, opting for liquid energy replenishment is the way to go. According to research, consuming a milk-based drink yields better recovery results than ingesting traditional carbohydrate-based sports drink or just drinking water. Therefore, make sure to add the milk-shake to your post-workout diet menu.

Meal Ideas

To take the guess work out of your post workout eating plan, here are some of the best foods that can help you recover faster while keeping your weight at bay.

  • Pasta. This is the most common source of carbohydrates for replenishing your energy tanks. The whole meal variety is highly recommended.
  • Fresh fruit and veg. these foods are high in complex carbs and antioxidants. Try tomatoes, a large banana, cooked green beans, or any other veg you find delicious.
  • Salad dressing. Make sure to serve the salad with a low-fat dressing. Try something vinegar or lemon based for a healthier choice.

Drink Your Water!

Keeping your body well hydrated throughout the day is critical for optimal body functioning and performance. This is especially true after finishing a workout when dehydration levels are usually running high. Therefore, make sure to drink plenty of water during and after a training session.

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