Nutrition Tip: The Sunday Ritual

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Dr. John Berardi
Dr. John Berardi

I have been reading exercise and nutrition material written by a gentleman named Dr. John Berardi since the late 1990’s.

Since that time he has published 8 scientific abstracts; 15 scientific papers and textbook chapters; presented at nearly 50 scientific, exercise, and nutrition related conferences; and published countless articles online.

His first articles at Testosterone Magazine so many years ago, provided me with the basis for everything I know about nutrition today. Now I will turn some of that knowledge over to you in the form of Nutrition Tips written by Dr. Berardi himself.

Today’s Topic – Being Prepared to Eat Right

The biggest problem with the waistlines of Americans is our on-the-go lifestyle. We barely take time to prepare and eat the right food. We buy easy-to-serve, packaged, processed food goods at the supermarket.

When we are hungry on the road, I bet at least 99% of us drive through McD’s or BK’s instead of grabbing a couple hard boiled eggs out of a Tupperware container.

Get Precision Nutrition
Get Precision Nutrition

When we are hungry at work, how many of us choose a nice garden salad with a couple pieces of grilled chicken over tater tots and a cheese steak sub?

On of the best ways to prevent this blatant violation of well-laid diet plans, is to write everything down, plan it all out ahead of time, and pre-cook or pre-make as much as possible. Let’s see what JB has to say about it.

Tip: The Sunday Ritual

“To ensure that good foods will be available when you need them, use the Sunday Ritual.

This is performed by setting aside three hours every Sunday to write out your menu for the week, shop for the week, and prepare your meals for the week.

Cook all the meat, chop all the vegetables, measure out all the yogurt and/or cottage cheese, and distribute all the powders.

Have them ready and set aside so that you can grab them in the morning and bring them with you regardless of what your day holds in store for you.”

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3 Responses to “Nutrition Tip: The Sunday Ritual”

  1. Well Kim I will check JB’s article base to see if there’s anything interesting to post about recipes. In the meantime, check out his book Gourmet Nutrition, which just might have the kind of recipe ideas that you are looking for.

  2. Is there any one or two of Dr. John Berardi’s articles/abstracts that you would recommend for someone to get up to speed on the Dr’s research?

    Also, I would be interested in your opinion/any healthy recipes for wild game (deer, elk, antelope). It seems most of the recipes I run into call for cooking in a large amount of fat to counteract wild game’s natural leanness. Do you have any good cooking methods (braising?) that you can think of for these types of meat?

    Thank you for your help!

  3. Hi,

    Nice tip. Planning and preparing the menu well in advance will help us stick to the diet plan already laid.


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