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9 Routines for Jumping Rope with Power and Endurance For HIIT

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Woman Jumping RopeEveryone knows how to jump rope. Hold the two ends and whip over your head, under your feet, back over your head, and so-on.

This great exercise is an awesome fat burner, but it can also pretty boring. That boredom must be overcome through, as jump rope is one of the greatest inventions ever for fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

Jumping rope is excellent for conditioning the anaerobic and aerobic energy systems, making it perfect for HIIT training. Check out this video of a dude jumping rope specifically for a HIIT workout.

Use some of the techniques listed below to make your jump rope sessions more challenging. Use the highest intensity techniques for your HIIT training.

You also benefit from jumping rope by strengthening your rotator cuffs and shoulders, increasing power in your lower body, developing your calves, and much more.

Most people don’t jump rope because all they just repeat the same tempo and style over and over. Not only is that tiring, it gets boring and then you just don’t want to do it because you feel the boredom is not worth the benefit.

That would be a big mistake. Get yourself a rope, read this article, and you will be in better shape than anyone not jump roping.


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HIIT Video: High Intensity Interval Training

Monday, September 7th, 2009

In the spirit of Project Swole’s recent focus on HIIT training, Jim Stoppani, PhD, Senior Science Editor for Muscle & Fitness Magazine and author of Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength teaches you how to maximize the benefits of high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Some of his ideas differ from what my research and experience has turned up in my post describing how to use HIIT, but the video is still a great tutorial with some exercise examples.

One difference you might notice, is that Stoppani advocates a 2:1 interval to rest ratio, while my research shows a 1:9, 1:6, and 1:3 interval to rest ratios are optimal.

His ratio would mean 2 minutes of sprints to 1 minute of rest, while my ratio would mean 20 seconds of sprints to 60 seconds of rest for an intermediate HIIT routine.

While I am sure Stoppani is an intelligent guy, I still definitely favor more rest as it helps your energy systems to recover when you are truly training at maximal intensity.

In any case, watch this video. It’s great.

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