5 Tips to Help Run a New Gym

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run a new gym

When the modern lifestyle is jam-packed with work, family time, a social life, and more, it can be difficult to fit exercise into a busy schedule, but this is where gyms fulfill a very serious need. It can be difficult for busy individuals to get a good workout in from home, and a shiny new gym could be just the answer they’re looking for. Here are some tips to help you run a new gym successfully using expert knowledge, relevant experience, customer relationships, and organization.

Learn Your Equipment

At any point in time, you could have new members who are also new to working out, so they’re not going to understand how to use every piece of exercise equipment. You and your staff need to know how to use the machines not just to show people how to use them, but how to do so safely. Even if you don’t think you can be held liable for accidents when someone uses the machine incorrectly, you’re not likely to get any good press if someone gets hurt on the premises. Plus, if you use the equipment yourself, you’re more likely to notice gaps in the machines you offer. Maybe you thought you had enough machines to work the entire body, but there’s a crucial muscle group that’s missing!

Hire Experts

When you’re dealing with the health of your local community, it is vital to only hire the best. This doesn’t just mean for trainers or front desk workers. Hiring experts on certain aspects of health and wellness can help differentiate you from your competition. You may want to hire a nutritionist or a massage therapist, for example. It can be daunting to think about managing a large number of employees, but there are tools you can get, like a paystub generator, to help you with the process.

Offer New Classes

Some people like to go to the gym to run on the treadmill or lift weights, but others are looking for a more entertaining way of staying in shape. When you run a new gym, you can help attract more members by offering a wide array of classes. Things like yoga, dance, pilates, and more can keep people coming back from week to week. The excitement of learning something new or hearing different music can be a huge source of motivation, and it can help new members get acquainted with the gym and your local community.

Prioritize Customer Satisfaction

The customer experience is often a key factor in whether or not someone will renew their membership. Like many other memberships, gym memberships can be easy to forget about and not take advantage of if the last visit was subpar. In times of financial hardship, the gym is often the first expense to get cut. Your job is to make your gym so wonderful that your members are willing to cut out other expenses instead. Make sure your locker rooms are clean and secure. Consider adding spa services, or a smoothie bar. Make sure there are always soft, clean towels available. Have staff wipe down equipment regularly, and play music that will appeal to a wide variety of tastes. 

Stay Organized

Staying organized can be hard to do when running a business with so many moving parts, but it is vitally important. You need to make sure you’ve done all your research and gathered all your documentation to operate legally. It’s also important to keep up to date with any insurance policies or licensing, and you should make sure your employees do the same. Some may need to attend continuing education classes to stay compliant, but you don’t want to advertise your employees as certified in something if the certification lapses!

Final Thoughts

A gym can be a wonderful hub for connection, fun, and health-conscious activities in your community. It’s a lot of work to run one, but with hard work and crucial preparation, you can manage your business and keep it running smoothly. Just remember the most important aspects of your customer relationships:

  • the customer experience is vital to your business’ success
    • the first impression brings them in and signs them up
    • the daily atmosphere and perceived satisfaction keeps them coming back
  • it’s always easier to keep existing customers than it is to close new customers

Remember these things in your daily processes and interactions, and you’ll already be one step ahead of competitors who just don’t care as much as you do.

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