How Armand Peri Achieved the American Dream

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Armand Peri

Originally born in Portugal, Armand Peri became interested in art at an early age. His art teachers noticed his budding talent early on, and he was quickly enrolled at one of the world’s premier art schools. By age 17 he had already won a talent search competition, which led to a trip to Washington, DC and a meeting with the president. Clearly, Peri demonstrated the knack for hard work and dedication in his discipline.

Athletic even as a child, Armand became highly interested in health and fitness in his later teenage years. Bodybuilding quickly became his main focus, as his competitive nature pushed him to discover a way to win at both fitness and art synchronously. He began to enter amateur bodybuilding competitions, demonstrating his latest personal artistic success – his own sculpted male form.

Armand quickly attained peak physical condition, winning his first bodybuilding show, and framing a legacy with his dedication to the craft. Let’s take a deeper dive into the life and accomplishments of this modern-day bodybuilding legend.


Full Name: Armand Peri

Weight: 225 – 235lbs (102.05 – 106.5kg)

Waist: 30″

Height: 5’10” (177.5cm)

Year of Birth: 1965

Nationality: Portuguese-American

Profession: Bodybuilder, Artist, Entrepreneur


The Early Years

Raised in Portugal until the age of 12, Armand Peri was always interested in Bodybuilding, Art and fitness. He enjoyed playing Basketball and soccer for the majority of his youth and working out in the gym.

Born in Portugal, Armand was always considered to be athletic in his younger years and participated both soccer and basketball for most of his youth. At the age of 12, Peri’s family migrated to the US to try to capture the American dream. Soon after, he became an American citizen and even attended the New Jersey Institute of Technology, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in arts.

Bodybuilding Beginnings

As a young adult Armand joined Diamond Gym in Maplewood, NJ with the intent to keep up with his moderate fitness goals. There, he met personal trainer John Kemper. No longer competing in art or sports, Armand is reported to have felt that something was ‘missing’ from his life. He was looking for that push, that ultimate goal to success, to win.

Kemper had at one point declared to Armand, “You have the bone structure and genetics to become one of bodybuilding’s best.” This whet an appetite in Armand that even Armand didn’t know existed. He quickly realized that he could meld two of his favorite interests into a sport where individual achievement dominates, into a lifestyle where every moment of every day there is an opportunity to take another step towards competing and winning.

Honing His Skill

Taking his cues from Kemper to hone his training and nutrition, paired with Armand’s drive and focus, Armand set out to leverage a highly calculated lifestyle with the purpose of getting into the best shape of his life – competition-worthy shape. It is well known that Armand frequently used his artistic skills to develop self-portraits, which helped him to cultivate his ideal physique.

Throughout the years, Armand Peri was able to leverage his ambition and discipline to win at bodybuilding and also found several successful business ventures. He made his way into New York City nightclub shows and even played the part of Al Pacino’s bodyguard in the famous Hollywood film, Carlito’s Way. A winner in the spiritual and mental sense, Armand Peri is a fine example of how to succeed in life and attain the American dream through mental toughness and willpower.

Bodybuilding Achievements

1st place – Junior Bodybuilding New Jersey State Championships

1st place – Mr. New Jersey

1st place – NPC Suburban Overall Winner

3rd place – NPC Jr. Nationals

4th place – NPC Jr. USA Championships

6th place – NPC USA Championships

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